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I’m thrilled to be a guest contributor for my sweet and talented friend Claudine Hellmuth’s upcoming class:


Technique Toolbox
Master 25 mixed-media techniques in 5 weeks taught by Claudine Hellmuth
5 week workshop

Create a faux tintype image transfer, make art with Elmer’s glue and a plastic bag, create a gesso chalkboard—these are just a few of the amazing techniques featured in this class! Technique Toolbox is your chance to brush up on these (and 22 more) mixed-media techniques with nationally known collage artist and illustrator Claudine Hellmuth as your guide.

Technique Toolbox consists of 25 instructional videos and 25 professionally designed “recipe cards” that outline each technique. You’ll file these printable recipes inside an adorable handmade toolbox you’ll create in class. And that’s not all! Claudine has invited 20 fellow artists and crafters (including me, yay!!!) to create exclusive projects with her techniques, giving you plenty of ideas for creative, real-world applications—from scrapbook pages to wall décor.

To read the rest of the class description and to register click HERE.

Hope you’ll join in–knowing Claudine and all the contributors involved, it’s going to be an amazing 5 weeks of cool stuff–I even tried something I hadn’t before for my contribution!  WOOT!!!


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