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The back story: My son-in-law, Michael, is an Airman for the US Navy and stationed at NAS Whidbey. He is responsible for the maintenance of the scrambler jets in his squadron, which is a pretty important job, all things considered. :) Brace yerself; sap ahead… Honestly, whenever I hear the sound of freedom flying overhead, it makes me smile with pride, as I know he is very meticulous about his work and so very dedicated.

The rest of the story: If you’re military,  you may recognize these colors… and you may have already guessed the significance of this particular card itself… Michael has received orders for Pensacola, headquarters of the Blue Angels. If you aren’t familiar with the Blue Angels, the first thing I’d wonder is whether or not you are from this planet… (hello??!!!)  LOL! OK, in the one-in-a-gazillion off-chance you aren’t familiar with them, the Blue Angels are an elite squadron comprised of our nation’s top military fliers.  And, Michael is among a select few that have been chosen to join the maintenance department of the team.




I know right?! We could not be more proud of him nor more excited! This is a BIG deal!!!

So, this card is for him. :)

I love the way this background stamp helps create the visual sensation of the jets soaring overhead . Yes, I know the real Blue Angels fly in *perfect* formation. And, no, my little jets are not doing that on the card. :p  Yes, I know my little jets also do not look ‘zacly like the real Blue Angels. “Hey!!! I need an EXACT REPLICA stamp of a Blue Angels jet!”, said (almost) no one ever… *chuckle*




  1. Congratulations on your son-in-law’s accomplishment and tell him thanks for his commitment! Your card is absolutely stunning and you should be just as proud of it!

  2. first off congrats to you and your family.
    also I too must say that snapping that pic was an awesome idea. at first I didnt know what in the world you were doing. I take pics of all my projects in hopes of entering them into a contest sometime (but never do) and I thought well she didnt get the whole card in the image.
    then it dawned on me what you were doing.
    i love my iphone. arent they just so handy?
    that card is one of my favorites that I’ve watched you make. very nice and perfectly thought out for the occassion

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