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LINK: In Touch: Die Cut Impression Embossing

My article for this month’s In Touch Newsletter features this waaaaaay cool technique (I also included a quickie video with the article that shows the basic steps) that I discovered on the Inchie Arts blog, by Lisa Lee .  CLEVER GIRL!!!

It’s hard to imagine they started from these simple little Art Squares, but, man, oh man! It makes you look at your low-profile dies in a whole new light… I couldn’t stop touching them after I finished–they look so much like ceramic tiles!  I think they totally qualify for wall art–just mount a series of these inside a shadow box!

If you try it out, leave me a link! I love show & tell! *grin*


  1. Thank you, Susan! If you follow the link there beneath the last photo, it will lead you to the video that shows the basic technique (I did it with the anchor, but I used the same technique with the flower)! :)

  2. Love your work. Can you pl do a video on the flower technique – that looks like a tile


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