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Link: Video Tutorial, Hello, Monday 06.10.2013 – the CLASSroom

Ever since I created this first batch of “modern vintage” designs, I’ve been wanting to create more–the whole concept of taking vintage art and giving it a fresh, clean presentation gives me heart palps!

I must confess, I think this is one of my all time favoritest card designs ever. Like, in the history of the world ever. Because:

  • It has a bird, of course
  • There’s a little dimension
  • There’s a lotta white space
  • It’s clean
  • It’s simple
  • It’s just so… elegant! So chic! Which is rather shocking, considering I’m probably the least elegant/chic person I know!

It should be noted: I don’t even like purple (ducks to avoid rotten tomatoes). But this combo literally makes me swoon. Grape Juice and Raspberry Jam.  Who’da thunk?!

It’s a good thing nobody saw me… what with all the monkey-clappin’ and bouncin’ all over the place…





  1. Missed this one somewhere along the way. Holy cow that is one dynamite card. Makes me want to go buy all the supplies.

  2. You are pure elegance!

  3. LOVE! Ah-mazing card, muito fabuloso! <3 Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Stunningly beautiful! And the gymnastics was well worth it! A question : what kind of guillotine trimmer do you have? Thanks! TFS Hugs and love, Beth

    • Hey, Beth! I use the Tonic 8 1/2″ Guillotine Trimmer, here’s a link so you can see what it looks like > Tonic Trimmer –it’s portable, small enough to keep handy on my work desk, and accurate. Just be sure to use the clear paper guide to keep your paper firmly down against the base and butted squarely/flush against the top ruler and to “hug” the blade towards the base as you bring the handle down. I’ve had mine for nearly two years and must admit it’s one of the best tools I’ve ever invested in. The blade does not require sharpening! :) HTH!

  5. So pretty, I love everything you design but this is my #1 fav! Please have more classes in CA! :)

    • Hey, Stephanie~ I am teaching again at the Paper Garden http://papergardenboutique.com/ in Sacramento on Labor Day Weekend –if you download their summer newsletter, the courses and scheduling are in that issue! Or, you can reach them, of course, via their contact info on their website! Hope that helps and I hope to see you there! :)

  6. Holy Crow, girl! This card is one of my all-time in the whole world favorites too. And, I am a fellow hater of purple. I can’t use enough adjectives to describe its magnificence. It is one of those cards that makes me wonder why I ever try to design anything myself – it is pure perfection for a pure-and-simple bird-loving white-space loving girl like me. You got a literal thud out of this one from me, not too dainty considering the dress I am wearing today. My office mates thank you. {{giddy hugs}}

  7. I am in LOVE with this card!!!

  8. LOVE it. And I love the fact that you make me laugh with your witty comments on yourself. Thanks for that too!

  9. Oh Julie, so very elegant and I don’t care for purples either, yet somehow, cards I have made in these colours please me too:))
    Bravo, it is a true beauty!

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