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LINK: Hello, Monday 06.17.2013 – the CLASSroom

True story: I am obsessed with Mister Huey Color Mists. The end.

Another true story: For as much as I love color in and of itself (Gee, really, Jules?! I did not know that ’bout you! *snarf*),  I don’t actually enjoy “coloring” things. I find it more… tedious… than relaxing. I know. I KNOW!!! I’m weird that way. Everybody else I know adores coloring! I am odd man out, I guess. Of course, it could just be a phase I’m in… I mean, it’s not uncommon to get into an artistic “phase”, right?! What I mean is that if Picasso can have a “blue” period, then the rest of us are surely entitled to have our own… *chuckle*

When these color mists first came out, I stayed far, FAAAAAR away… When it comes to my card-making and art-stamping, my perfectionist tendencies–OK, some would call it OCD–tend to take over, and by golly, color mists + precision do NOT equate. But that doggone Kristina made SUCH pretty things with them… Resistance was futile…It has become my favoritest (bad grammar, not a real word, I know, I know already… ask me if I care)  way to “color” a project.

I s’pose that makes this my “misty” phase… *heart palps*


  1. Julie- I just love reading your posts! I love your sense of humor, and pure honesty :-) I, too find coloring tedious! I guess its because I am too impatient because I like immediate results when it comes to card making. That’s why I make cards as opposed to scrapbooking. Anyway, l look forward to every single project you make, and absolutely love the Hello, Monday videos too! I am big fan!

  2. I am enjoying your new blog. what a nice card! I have sprays but don’t use them…guess I need to pull them out and just play.
    stamping sue

  3. You are not the only one who finds coloring tedious. Me! Me! Me, too!

    Your butterfly is gorgeous and so are the soft colors of the card with bits of black to anchor the whole thing. Gorgeous!

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