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As in, I moved the blog. Thanks for comin’ with! *grin*

Some of you mentioned that my contact form was busted. Thank you for letting me know! It should be working now! Yay! :)

Some of you have inquired about email updates/being able to subscribe via email. I think I’ve finally figured that one out all by me onesie! Go low-tech me! If you look towards the upper right of my home page here, you should see some icons for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, email, etc. See the one that looks like radio waves? Apparently that icon represents my blog’s “feed” and if you click on it, a menu will drop down and you can opt in for email updates. (Took me 2 days to figure that one out, so pardon me if I get a little carried away with the monkey clappin’…)

With Google discontinuing Reader, I actually switched to Bloglovin’, based on praise from a number of folks and I like it muchly! If you’re looking for another RSS Reader (I still have to go look up what “RSS” means, as I only have the vaguest of ideas…), they have a fan-tas-magorical how-to page HERE, for importing all your favorite blogs over from Reader! Muy cool! Visually speaking, it’s very clean and uncluttered–LOVE it!  If you had already subscribed to Paper Trufflez via Bloglovin’ before I moved, they have kindly switched it over from the old typepad address to my new one.

I still have a lot to learn about WordPress, so I appreciate you letting me know when something’s busted… I’m kinda like a bull in a china closet when it comes to these things–thanks for bearing with me…




  1. Thanks for the info re: Bloglovin – I am not nearly as tech savvy as I should be, and I was recommended to another reader – but my computer came up with a malware warning message for that one!! I was very happy when Bloglovin did no such thing!

  2. Just FYI, Online Card Classes linked to your old blog addy on the info about artists for the Summer Card Camp. Thought you might like to know;-)!

  3. You aren’t alone…this stuff makes me googly-eyed.

  4. I gotta tell ya, you CRACK ME UP! I love reading your messages, and I’ll read them a couple of times (and out loud) giggling as I do! Hugs, Julie!

  5. RSS = Rich Site Summary often dubbed Really Simple Syndication. Whatever the heck that means….

  6. YAY! You’re back up and running! I, too, love Bloglovin’! I think you’re already added to my feed, but I’ll do it again just in case :)

  7. sigh — another lovely piece of gorgeous. i so look forward to Mondays!

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