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LINK: Hello, Monday 07.29.2013 – the CLASSroom

Just love a darling bird… The li’l Winged Bird die is just so gosh darn cute I do wanna put him on everything!

I’m a bit in shock over my liking the pastels on this, but I think it’s because the black gives it a more “chic” look. I like birds and I like chic. It’s a nice combo. :)

Thanks for the well wishes on the sciatica–unfortunately, I’m still dealing with it, so I’m not going to linger long here again today–it seems my office/computer chairs (among other things) are contributing to the problem and need to be replaced.  Ack!

Happy Mundane and I hope this week’s project/video inspired you to make somethin’ fun! :)



  1. Julie, love the card..hope your sciatica is better…my office chair (a $600 ergo Herman Miller no less) as well as my chairs at home kill me..but i got a Fitball disk at Amazon) and it’s great..it’s soft, bouncy and keeps your back in motion (which is how we’re meant to be) and totally helps with my sciatica.

  2. Another fabulous card!

  3. Love your card, Julie. That little bird just looks so cheeky – love him! Wanted to mention that I watch a documentary a couple of days ago about the Blue Angels – WOW! You must be very proud of your son-in-law (and your daughter’s good taste in men).

    • Thanks, Carol! Yes, I think the buttons popped off our shirts, we’re bustin’ with so much pride! ;) Going to be a very exciting time for them!

  4. I love the black against the yellow, it really makes a strong statement!! Sorry to hear you are still having a hard time, hope it gets better soon.

  5. I can’t wait to see the video, cause that card sure is adorable!

    Gosh, I’m sorry to hear your pain is still hangin’ around – hope switching to new chairs will help!

  6. Hi Julie,

    Love this…I do blame you for my hoarding of shape n tape though :)
    On the sciatica, just wanted to share with you what helps for me. I lay on the floor (carpeted) with my legs fulling extended for 30 minutes each night; something about the firm floor helps ease my pain. Also, I have 2 balls (The Miracle Ball Method) that I put on my back way down where the sciatic nerve goes into the leg. One ball stays in my car (some days kill to drive!) and the other is at my work desk; the pressure gives me relief. I hope one or both of these helps ease your pain. I really want to try one of those inversion chairs where you get strapped in and flip upside down but Wowzers, those things are over $1000!!

    • Hey, Lisa~ Thanks for sharing about what helps you! I’ve really been having a time with it and truly appreciate the suggestions! *mondo squishy hugs*

  7. Adorable! As you said, the black added to pastel tones provides the perfect chic touch. Hope you feel better soon, Julie :)

  8. Saw you in the Classroom, always a treat to watch you create. Love the card.

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