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How did that happen so quickly? Summer is going by in a blur, I tell ya’!

This week’s Hello, Monday features a watercolor method–I’m no artist, but I had fun with it!



LINK: Hello, Monday 07.08.2013 – the CLASSroom

I actually didn’t use any washi tape on this card… Alright, already!!! Pick yer jaw up from the floor, please. :p

So, I don’t do paint. Normally. Paint is messy, and we all know how it skeeves me out to get my hands covered in paint. *involuntary shudder*

But, the new Distress Paints are so fascinating–just such a different beastie! Fun and with some very unique properties!

I was NOT going to collect them.

Was just going to get “a few”.






Ummmmmm, no. Epic fail.

Altho, I do need to have a word with the folks at Ranger… it appears they over-sighted Faded Jeans in this line-up. I KNOW, RIGHT??!!!  What is up with that???!!!

Anyhoo, enjoy the video and have fun exploring these new paints! ;)


  1. Oh, my gosh – you make me laugh! I loved the video and your fun, artistic card!

  2. Saw your video…you really are some kind of design genius.

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