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Link: Hello, Monday 07.22.2013 – the CLASSroom


I’ve had to go offline for a while lately, dealing with sciatica, as it is painful to sit for even the shortest period of time at my computer and stamp desks–just popping on quick to share this week’s Hello, Monday (link above) video! I am L.O.V.I.N.G  Tsukineko’s Memento LUXE inks–please hop on over to the CLASSroom at the link above to read more about them! They are absolutely fan-stamp-magorical!  I know, I know, so.not.a.word. But, you totally got what I meant, didnya’? *chuckle* ;)

Hope your summer is going splendid!


  1. LOVE this card Julie! All that bright color against that black = POW! I bought a couple of the ink pads too – so nice and juicy!

  2. Get well soon, Julie!

  3. Anybody would get better really quick once they receive this card. Pretend I case’d it and sent it back to you cause I do hope you feel better really soon! I think a grandbaby hug will help you out.

  4. Oh, my goodness! I love what you did here! Stamps are amazing and your colors…soooo HAPPY!

  5. Oh dear – just love these colourful inks! Must haves. I seem to love all things Tsukineko. Hope your sciatica clears up soon – been there, done that. So uncomfortable and annoying! I found that heat applied to the small of my back helped tremendously. I was always amazed that heat on my back made my leg feel better. Best wishes for a speedy resolution.

  6. Such purdy colors!

  7. I’m sorry to here about your pain, Julie-I had the same thing when pregnant with my oldest – NOT fun!

    LOVED today’s video – gonna have to get some of those inks and it’s your fault! :)

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