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Link: In Touch: Modified Die Cutting

My article for the monthly newsetter is up! Be sure to click the link above to read up on all the how-to’s. :)


Featured Dies: My Favorite Things “By the Numbers” , “By  the Letters“,  Stacking Stars


Featured dies:  Savvy Stamps Handwritten style “thanks” and My Favorite Things  “Say What” (Speech Bubbles)


 Featured Dies: My Favorite Things Flat Bottom Clouds , Memory Box Co.  A Little Rain, Petite Umbrella


I’ve been wanting to try all these  for quite some time–they’re all very easy–actually, even easier than I realized they would be, but for one reason or another I’d just never gotten around to it. Now I can cross those off m’ bucket list! HAH!

Chose this color palette from one of my Pins on Pinterest (Coloring My World Board)–I have a hard time choosing colors, so it’s nice to have an arsenal of palettes at my fingertips that I know already work well together, LOL!

Thanks for stopping by today!


  1. I haven’t read the article yet but I have to say really great colors together and great looking cards.

  2. Another amazing set of cards and a wonderful and very inspiring article! I love the bold and happy colors you chose.

  3. What a brilliant article, Julie! Love all the ideas, and the samples are, as Barb said above, delightful!!!

  4. Wow! I love these tips and tricks you share. When I read an article like this I wonder why haven’t I thought of this? But, after a while wondering, I jump into the conclusion that that is why you are professional artists :D! Seriously… I usually cry myself out because I don’t have the supplies I need to do this or that, but you’ve been showing me how to discard this idea and think outside the box… and I have to thank you for that! Great article(s) and cards! THANK YOU!

  5. I read the article earlier and your ideas with the dies are brilliant, Julie! I so appreciate you sharing your talent! Delightful cards!

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