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LINK: Hello, Monday 09.02.2013 – the CLASSroom

Just poppin’ in quick to share last week’s Hello, Monday card… Wearing white after Labor Day is supposedly a big no-no… I suppose “white” leaves are an oxymoron for the Autumn season, too, but  I really don’t give a fig. (hair flip)

I likey. ;)



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  1. Adorable. Love the colors used.

  2. Summer doesn’t end on the calendar until Fall begins on Sept. 21 which is AFTER Labor Day. A friend pointed this out recently–said she wears white after LD because it’s still very hot in Alabama where she lives..plus she said she’s always been a rebel too, hence wearing white after LD is right up her alley. I though “UH HUH”–she’s right!” So I’ve decided it is perfectly fine to continue wearing white after LD. AND don’t we have winter white? Why can’t there be Fall white??…UH???. I think your white fall leave are just fine and dandy–and very pretty too.

  3. Love the colors on your card – so soft looks like watercolors! How did you acheive this? I would love to see a video on this.

  4. Julie,

    A fabulous card, as usual! I would tune in just to hear you laugh:)

  5. Loved the card when I first saw it and still love it…nothin’ wrong with white leaves.

  6. Julie, I happen to love those white leaves, too. Something about a leaf shape just gets me every time, maybe because it is the perfect combination of both organic and graphic? My Christmas package tags from last year were leaf shapes die cut from white mat board and they were my favorite ever! Beautiful card!

  7. Gorgeous Julie !!

  8. The white leaves are gorgeous! LOVE this, Julie!

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