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She is creative, an outstanding (understatement) cook, a meticulous seamstress, an avid gardner, she can play the piano by ear (which has always totally blown me away)…  When I try to describe my mom, only good words come to mind… She is generous and giving, gracious, kind, thoughtful, strong, hard-working, dedicated to her family, compassionate, nurturing, enthusiastic and encouraging… She is the first to offer a helping hand in any given situation, pitching right in without even being asked… She is always patient and understanding… She never says an unkind word about anyone–always thinks the best of everyone… Is she perfect? Nope. But, in all honesty, I have to say that my mom is truly the single best person I have ever known.  Ever.  When I grow up, I hope I am half the amazing individual she is.

Mom has always been incredibly healthy and active, walking 1-2 miles daily, adhering to a healthy diet, and there is no history of breast cancer in her family. When we first got the diagnosis, I cannot begin to describe how it shook our family to the core…

There is no quick and easy fix to cancer; the road is long and there are ups and downs… The first step was surgery (mastectomy), which she is recovering well from, and thankfully, with lab results showing that the cancer has not spread into the lymph nodes, she will continue to recover and move towards the next phase of treatment, surrounded and supported by our family.

I want to express deep gratitude on behalf of myself, my mom and our whole family, for the outpouring of good wishes and thoughts, prayers, the experiences you have shared and the beautifully touching cards that you have sent to me and my parents.

Thank you, so very, very much.

To all of you who are fighting the same battle, may you have strength and courage, may you have support from the people who love and care about you, may there be helping hands to assist you, and I extend to you all the very best wishes, positive thoughts and hope towards overcoming it and being cancer-free.



  1. So touched by your Mom’s story. I’ll pray for her (and your family) that she continues to sustain good heath! {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Thank you for sharing these precious moments and thoughts. We must win this horrible battle. You are ever the shining star, Julie!

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