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I’ve kinda been on a roll the last few days, so…as the saying goes… I’m just gonna roll with it.  At least until I roll into a dead end.  *snarf* ;)

Black and white + gold (this gold glitter happens to be Dry Stickles in Goldenrod–very plush!) is such a sophisticated look for this “Joy” die by Savvy Stamps–simple, understated elegance. Love that.

I recently ordered the Simple Surfaces paper pad by Cosmo Cricket and, by golly, I’m so in love with it that I just might use this entire pad when making my holiday cards this year (AGOG!)–it is absolutely STUNNING and features a variety of papers with lots of white space in conjunction with minimalistic patterns, some in flat, fabulous neutrals like charcoal, red, and manila tones, as well as gorgeously glittered designs. There are also vellum sheets, again with printed patterns, and some with glittered patterns.

See???  Aren’t yer eyes buggin’ outta’ yer head???!!!!


Mine were. Correction: ARE.  Still.

Really, REALLY hope Julie Comstock, of Cosmo Cricket, develops more paper collections like this one… I would buy them all… LOVERLY!!! This is the kind of collection that gives me the vapors, I tell ya’… *dreamy sigh*



The pattern on this particular sheet features enough white space, and the art lines are delicate enough that I could easily stamp the Laurel in black ink right over the top, without worrying that the image would be obliterated by too much pattern.



This 2nd card with the same die features a mossy effect, using Sage Flower Soft! I’m not normally big into Flower Soft, to be honest, but this is the one color I buy because I LOVE the “topiary” effect it gives my die cuts! Such a cool, organic look, UKWIM? I just find it sooooo appealing!

I die cut “Joy” twice, once from Craft-a-Board and again from some green colored scrap card stock, mounting the green card stock over the top of the Craft-a-Board (for extra stability and thickness); this way, if there are any areas that show thru the sage colored Flower Soft  (it is a much coarser grind than the glitter I used on the previous card, making it a challenge to get complete coverage sometimes), they are camouflaged.


The stars are just some confetti I picked up at the party store, thinking they’d be cool for something, but at the time I didn’t have an idea in mind. Glued them down with little drops of Glossy Accents… Now, of course, I want to sprinkle ‘em onto *everything*! Hah!

I didn’t want to get overly carried away with this design either, and just let the woodgrain embossed paper serve as a backdrop to my moss-covered “Joy”.

I love the clean look of both these designs and the impact the little touches give each of them… I actually coated the die cuts with Elmer’s Craft Bond Spray Adhesive to adhere the glitter and Flower Soft (when using spray adhesive, place your die cuts into a cardboard box to contain overspray and work outside/in a well ventilated area).

How are your holiday cards coming along?




  1. Wonderful cards Julie! Love that paper pad too! Just enough pattern to add some interest without overbearing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Both are elegance personified – LOVE!!! I also love the “craft a board” – I urge everyone to try it :D

  3. Fabuloso! Adore the natural, topiary feel of your second card especially and I loooove that DP collection. Surely I can’t purchase any more patterned paper but you’re certainly enabling me…! ;D

  4. super pretty…lovin’ that cosmo pad!

  5. Clean and Simple elegance to the MAX!! Love both cards, Julie!

  6. Lovely, both of them! Don’t have any Flower Soft, but I like that topiary look too :)

  7. Simply fabulous! Love the look of the flower soft – I actually have some of this shade in my stash. I’ll have to dig it out and give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration, Julie! As far as my own Christmas cards go, I’ve got about a dozen made so far. Hopefully by the time mailing time comes around, I’ll have enough made to cover my list.

  8. Believe it or not, I’m actually a little ahead on Christmas cardmaking this year…I’m a little nervous saying that cuz, sure as shootin’, my list will grow exponentially to epic proportions (makes me break out in a sweat just thinking about it). Love this Joy die and what you did with it. Honestly, girl, where do you come up with this stuff. Using Flower Soft, who woulda thunk it would look this terrific.

  9. SWOONING! These are GORGEOUS!!

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