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So, I still had the “Joy” die cut from the previous design, Peppermint Joy, and never one to waste a good die-cut, I used it on a 2nd design with a modern rustic look.

I have to laugh–I love SO MANY different styles of holiday decor… It would be financially impractical to change that style every year, of course, when deckin’ the halls, but when deckin’ m’ cards? No limits, baby!!! *fist pump* Dat’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!


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Happy Christmas!



  1. WOW!…so deceptively simple, but so gorgeous.

  2. Practically perfect in every way! Again, just the inspiration I need to finish up my cards; thank you Julie!

  3. Ooooo, that glitter is so pretty! Looks amazing against the kraft! Beautiful card, Julie!

  4. Love this card, Julie! I am all about the textured neutrals. And you didn’t knot the ends of your twine… must be the first time ever?! Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Julie – thanks for the “Sticky Stuff” info! I’ve had some for years, and just didn’t know how to use it – I’ve probably been heating it too much… Now I’m gonna go dig that little twerp out and USE IT! Love your card too – I like the name you used for this style – Modern Rustic – I can totally get behind THAT!
    Keep doin what you’re doin, girl!

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