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Another 5MQ, this time in white! Doncha’ just find those snow globes in a jar on Pinterest totally magical? I ADORE them! I’ve even made a few for my holiday decor *gasp*–mine are not elaborate, but they were pretty easy to whip up and I love how charming they are on the kitchen counter. I wish I had a fireplace mantle to display them… I’d make more… heh, heh, heh! *cheeky grin*

So, getting back to the card… I went “rogue” by die cutting SILVER leaves instead of green ones. Boy, talk ’bout livin’ on the edge, right?!  BAH HA HA HA HAAAA!!!

I know. Silly things like that totally crack me up… ! :)



Happy Holidays!


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  1. Julie, I loved this card so much, I did my own version of it for my cards this year. I linked to you in my blog post. Hope that’s okay. :) Merry Christmas! http://mykitchentablestudio.blogspot.com/2013/12/last-minute-card-ideas.html

  2. That’s such a sweet card! I just love it.

  3. quick, easy and super super cute. I love the one layer cards you are doing because they are fast and gorgeous. Thanks Julie

  4. I’m loving these quickie cards! Another winner today. Thanks!

  5. So cute love your presentation style! Thank you !

  6. So very cute! Thank you! That snowman in a jar is adorable. Inside sentiment I won’t melt until your home for Christmas missing you

  7. Adore this, and so quick! We all need these extra cute quick cards right now. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to need extra cards on the run!

  8. Loving these quick cards, Julie. So often, simple is the most effective.

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