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An update on my dear Mama! :)

I’m so grateful I got to spend some time with my parents during the holidays, and Mama and I got to have some fun, “just us girls” time, too!  Among the highlights was a wonderful lady who worked with us at Saffron in Vancouver, WA to help fit Mama for a prosthesis.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about how comfortable  and relaxed the process was, and how sensitive, gracious and helpful she was. I believe her name was Gloria–if I am in error, please forgive me.

Sushi for lunch (Only $1.35 per plate??!!! GET OUTTA TOWN!!!) and then some crafty shopping, followed by dinner  later in the evening with the boys at Gustav’s… Phenomenal eats, good times!!! I think we may have some new holiday traditions to adopt. ;)

Anyway, Mama is doing extremely well and has an amazing positive attitude and spirit that continues to make us marvel. She is taking medication for the next 5 years, and so far, it has not caused her any adverse side-effects, other than some initial dizziness, which has since disappeared.

She shared the box of treasured hand-made cards that so many of you had sent and we both got teary-eyed by the outpouring of positive thoughts, prayers, and wishes for good health… the personal stories that some of you were so kind to share… We’re kinda emotional, so I’ll admit we got a little verklempt… :) Mama says every day she pulls one out and re-reads it and presses it to her heart… She is still overwhelmed by the kindness of your cards and I assured her I would convey her–our–appreciation.

Thank you, from the bottom of our ever-so-grateful hearts.

*mondo group hug*


  1. Just browsing through your blog hadn’t checked in , in a while and as I was scrolling down was thinking I wonder how your mom was doing, then I came across your post good to hear she is doing well. Mom’s are so very important in our lives give her lots of hugs.

  2. Awww, what a sweet photo! I see a resemblance and such a love. That’s what the holidays are all about :)

  3. Oh, Julie, I’m so happy that your dear Mama is doing so well. I can see by your smiles that you both have a very positive attitude, it really is so important in this kind of disease… I’m still praying and sending good thoughts to your Mama. Happy New Year!!!

  4. Happy New Year to you and your lovely Mom! You are an inspiration to me. I am blessed to have my parents and spend as much time as I can with them…time is precious!

    I am so happy to hear your Mom is doing well. Wishing you both continued good health in 2014…


  5. I am barely a card maker but follow your blog regularly. It is so wonderful of you to share with us that mom is doing well. Continued good fortune and God Bless! Happy New Year!

  6. What a lovely photograph, Julie! So very happy to hear your mum is doing well :)

  7. Now I’m verklempt…I think your Mom is AWESOME. So very glad that she’s doing so well. The fact that you keep us updated with her progress is heartwarming. Thank you.

  8. So glad to hear that your mom is doing better and that you got to spend time together. Happy new year.

  9. Awesome pic of you and your sweet Mama! Great news and happy happy new year!

  10. wonderful picture of you two. So glad to hear the good news! Happy New Year!

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