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My sister just got a nursing position and we’re all so excited for her! Wanted to send some happy mail her way to celebrate her accomplishment!


This design was inspired by some stunning business cards I had seen on Pinterest–they were actually embossed. My rendition is “faux” embossed.



(only have video of the card on the left; don’t ask… Mama said there’d be days…)

Ended up with TWO cards out of the process, because I was able to use the positive and the negative with just a wee bit o’ pre-planning (OK, this was a 2nd attempt. BUT, it was a wicked smaaaht 2nd attempt! And you were spared the 1st attempt, a.k.a. #fail)  *fist pump* *arms wrapped ’round self, deep chortling*

The other card, on the right, is for my Son-In-Law, who just officially “crested” with the Blue Angels! You probably can’t tell from the pic but the two gold enamel dots are glittery!  And, yes, I know the wood veneer is not the same type of jet as the ones the Blue Angels fly. It’s the thought (along with being handmade) that counts, and not the accuracy of a small wood embellishment, right?! *hair flip* ;)

Boy, our family has a lot to be proud of!

Happy weekend!


Note: I’ve referenced some substitute products below that would work as well as some of the products I used but were not currently in stock at the writing of this post, such as the MFT World Traveler Die Set (in lieu of a wood veneer) and Smooth Bristol (in lieu of Bazzill Butter Mints card stock)

  1. LOVE this letter tip! I can’t wait to try this!

  2. Congratulations to both your sister and SIL (although, not quite sure what “crested” means in this instance – it does sound pretty fancy though)!! Your post is hilarious and cards simply fabulous :)

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