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We were invited to the couples baby shower of the son of a friend of ours and I only had 5 minutes to whip out something before flying out the door to the party…

Having a baby is such an amazing, wonder-full experience and being a parent is such an important and complex job…  Along with those precious tiny fingers & toes, adorable gurgling noises, and the sweet, snuggly smell of a newborn comes sleepless nights, countless messy diapers, and a lot of work for the next 18 years, preparing that little bundle to venture out some day into the big world on their own.

I can’t help but want to interject a little humor when congratulating new parents… because I know what lies ahead… And, they’re gonna need it. ;)



Note: A Dymo Label Maker was used to create the sentiment. I took this shot with my iPhone before dashing out the door, so I wasn’t able to pick up the sparkly shimmer on the stars and baby bundle, courtesy of my Clear Wink of Stella Brush Pen. :)

  1. Oh how I love this. Two reasons – the dymo label (so into those right now thanks to Aga) and WHAT IT SAYS. You are oh-so-right with your take on parenting. Well, except maybe that with DS it’s gonna be more like 25 before we get him “ready for life and out the door.”

  2. Very funny!

  3. Laughing my behind off!! That is the best baby card ever. We only have furry kids now. So much easier than the two legged kind.

  4. How fun!

  5. Big grin happenin’ here, Julie! Spoken like a pro – ha. This card is a new classic!

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