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The Mister had a special request I needed to fulfill but I didn’t have anything in my stash that really fit the bill. It hit me that something alone these lines (segment of episode on Parks & Recreation) would be perfect, so I got busy… *grin*



And, I actually had the camera rolling during the whole shebang… :)¬†Turned a fail into a win… *fist pump*

Happy Friday, y’all!


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  2. Great save, girl! I had a “fox” card picked up a bit ago with a very similar design – B/W stripes and gold words in the middle. Love the touch of glitter up top.

  3. I will watch the video later today, but I had to comment that I LOVE that P&R show! LOL

  4. It makes my heart feel good to know that others have trouble with cards – and that you can fix them. (sometimes). I love the card. It’s a great sentiment when a gift card is enclosed.

  5. Wonderful!! Great save – so glad it worked out, I hate having to redo things for the 2nd time!!

  6. Great Save…and I’m watching wondering why you put trea and realized you only had one T stamp….duh me!

  7. You are so funny, Julie -/ thanks for the humor, tips, and adorable card! Mwah!

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