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So, I was recently tagged by my sweet friend Jennifer McGuire for the Getting To Know Me blog hop.  There is so much you don’t know about me that I know you are riveted to your seat right now!


For those of you that really want to know, here are the questions I was sent to answer:

1.  What creative projects are you currently working on?

Good grief, I’m up to the gills right now (!)… But, a most recent, as in TODAY, *chuckle*:  the In Touch monthly newsetter article



The article focuses on creating a “smoky faux watercolor” effect, using Archival and Copic Reinkers.

I’ve also been working on some stamp illustrations and die designs that will be produced by Ellen Hutson LLC…  :)


You can read a little more on that in the full newsletter here: September 2014 In Touch

2. What inspires your designs?

I can be inspired by something as random as song lyrics, a mail order catalog, a shop display, something I see on Pinterest, and even something right in my front yard, as well as by my creative friends and the art they share.

3.  What method/process do you apply to each of your creative projects and how long does each project take to complete?

It depends–the designs that come easiest  and fastest to me are usually the ones that I actually have a specific recipient, and occasion, in mind for. I will usually have a finished idea in my head, and then raid my supplies and tools to find what I need to make it real.

I keep quarter sheets of printer paper handy in a stack, and often experiment with layout and ink colors on that before moving on to the real deal… If I’m trying to employ a particular technique, however, it can sometimes take a day or three… (Yes, 3. No lie.), to complete a project… I’m [very] slow and methodical when it comes to techniques… And suffer from perfectionist tendencies…

4.  If you had to describe your “signature” style, what would it be?

I hate to box myself in, but I lean towards minimalism with my card making, so I guess “clean and simple” describes it best.

5.  What three crafting tools can you not live without?

Tools, eh?! Not supplies, tools… Lemme geek on that…

1. My tweezers. Yup.  I’d be lost without ‘em.

2. My Washi tape.  The stuff is decorative AND utilitarian; it doesn’t get mo’h bettah than that, folks!

3. My waterbrush; watercolor is my favorite means to color and with water-based dye inks or my Peerless Watercolors, I’m good to go.


So. Now you know. :)


And, I’m actually supposed to tag another artist I admire–but, to be honest, I’ve been out of town, swamped upon return and actually getting right back on a plane tomorrow for work!!! So, tagging someone else is gonna hafta wait until I get back and catch my breath. If you’re the patient type, and don’t mind waiting, subscribe to my blog via the link below my photo on the upper right corner of this page or follow me via the bloglovin’ button (same spot), and when I update this post, you’ll know who I tag next. :)

Thanks for comin’ by–I truly appreciate it!

Happy Mundane!



  1. Well, at least this Q&A wasn’t mundane, thanks to your wit.

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