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Sometimes, the little voices in your head start yakkin’, and you gotta’ give in… ;)  Here’s a peek at some card designs I made and hope to shoot with the “good” camera, soon…

These happened to be made with a few sets from my stamp designs + a few stamps made by some industry friends and colored with the following Peerless watercolors / Kuretake Gansai Watercolors, colored pencils, or Copics:



Shoes from the Twelve Days Set + Milo’s ABC’s, by Lawn Fawn.  I know, right?! It’s not holiday! ;)



‘Tis The Season



Twelve Days + Sketchy Letters by Mama Elephant



Tis the Season–I like seeing how different an image can look when you change the technique a little … :)



Twelve Days Set + Milo’s ABC’s, by Lawn Fawn again…



And again… Twelve Days Set + Milo’s ABC’s, by Lawn Fawn What can I say? They just go together so well!!! Kinda of a match made in heaven, methinks!  I actually did this design for the October In Touch Newsletter–a spin-off from a countdown project.

I’m up to the gills at the moment, working on a few projects, but just thought I’d sneak some eye candy in. Just cuz it’s Friday. :)

Have a fab weekend!



P.S.  You can see the stamps and dies I’ve designed right HERE.




  1. Blogs are the best way to share our thoughts and our work with the world. You’re a blogger with a good prospect of offering the true value of blogging, I appreciate your blog and wait for your next post !!

  2. I LOVE your release at EH!!! So unique and stylish. My favorite this year.

  3. would love to win this…… thanks for the chance to

  4. Julie, these are all FABULOUS! I especially love the “soul mates” card – too clever.

  5. Ha ha – so funny! “Halibut” – love your play on words! The jumper is adorable, makes me think of the film – Bridget Jones!

  6. These are just so much fun! You obviously had a GREAT time making them, and chuckling along the way too!

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