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I have to confess that watercolor, hands-down, is my all-time favorite means to color and I own a variety of different watercolor tools because each serves a different purpose, depending on my project and the method I need. I love using the Kuretake Gansai Tambi for washes and coloring large expanses of area, and the Peerless are super easy and compact enough to take with me when I travel or have a small project that I just need to quickly swipe some gorgeous color onto.


VIDEO LINK:  Hello, Monday 04.06.2015 – YouTube

Then along came the ZIG Clean Color Real Brush Markers, and, well, to make a long story short… they also had to come live at my house. *cheeky grin* Because they are awesome and fun in a completely different way–the points of the brush tips can get into such tight spots!  They really come to life on watercolor paper, so I suggest stocking up and snagging yourself a waterbrush, too–I recently became a fan of the small/detailer H20, especially for stamped images, because of the control.

LINK TO FULL ARTICLE: Hello, Monday 04.06.2015 – the CLASSroom 

Whether you’re already a fan of watercolor, or you are looking for an easy way to begin and achieve awesome results with instant gratification (hey, don’t we all???), I think you’ll fall in love with the Clean Color Markers much like I did. :)


P.S.  The colors are available in open stock at Ellen Hutson LLC, please scroll to the very bottom of this post for a list of colors I suggest starting out with.





  1. I am so thankful I found you Julie I love love your cards. They are so inspirational. Thanks for sharing…

  2. Talk about instant gratification? This just did it for me… Julie, there is no end to your inspiration… gorgeous! And Ellen is now sold out!
    =] Michele

  3. So pretty. I could stare at this card all day! Good work Julie.

  4. I watched your video yesterday and now I need these brush markers! The effects are just gorgeous.

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