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Really.  I am.

I’ve just been super busy behind the scenes… Designin’ stuff.  Makin’ stuff. And, well… living.  :)



This little guy, grew into this:

2014-12-05 00.00.00

2014-12-05 00.00.00-1

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Oh, yes he did!

I blinked, and look what happened!!! Where’s my baby????!!!! *sob*

Jim Janet 60th

Celebrated my in-laws’ 60th Wedding Anniversary…

That is a seriously BIG milestone, people. They are amazing and inspire us with their love, commitment, and devotion to each other through *everything* life has hurled at them.


Spent every second possible with…

2015-06-07 16.48.48-2

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girls at the beach

Precious moments and memories…  My precious girls… My hearts…

Getting a whole home remodel started:



And, lemme tell ya’, I am PETRIFIED cuz we’ve never remodeled before and there are so many decisions it makes my brain hurt muy bad…

*Note to self:  Keep breathing.


me and D

And, hanging out with m’ bestest friend…

Cuz, ya’ know…

“Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

–Ferris Bueller


  1. This post warmed my heart. And also reminds me how fast life goes. JUST. SLOW. DOWN! :) Cuties….

  2. Ah, Julie! I almost missed this post, as we were on the road. You are so dang blessed – thanks for sharing all of this. You have always been a special joy and inspiration. Thanks to you!

  3. that is awesome …….. and you and your best friend make a great couple……. love living life…….thank you

  4. Lovely blog post, Julie! You have a beautiful family. Big hug to you! xo

  5. What a wonderful life, eh? Good luck with the remodeling–it will all be worth the headache when it’s done! :)

  6. Lovely pictures and wishing you all the best for the remodeling! When times get tough in the rubble and dirt, breathing and thinking of the end result will help (in the 90s, we remodeled the house for six whole years, and it was so cool when everything was finally finished). Cheering you on!

  7. I love this blog post Julie! What great pictures!!!

  8. Hang in there girl. You deserve only the best…and it’s yet to come. Yay!

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