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A savvy bfly 1WEB

Hyperlapsed videos have always intrigued me–I just think it’s cool to see how something transforms or changes from one status to another…

A savvy bfly 2 WEB

I’ve been wanting to do a hyperlapsed card-making video ever since the app came out from Instagram but never got around to it until now… I bought a special adapter for mounting my iPhone to the clamp mount that my video camcorder is usually mounted to… I gotta warn ya’, tho–it is literally start-to-finish… mistakes, mishaps, changing course–it was fun to do, and kind of enlightening (for me) to see the things I do from force of habit when I’m creating, that may not be the most efficient way of doing things, LOL! Oh, well.  As long as you get from point A to point B, it makes no never mind, right?! *hair flip*

I can’t seem to stop watercoloring *everything* lately, by whatever means within my reach (and I keep all my watercolor mediums within arm’s reach *chuckle*) … I just find it so soothing… And, I adore winged things, like this butterfly die by Savvy Stamps–one of my all-time favorites, and on the recent Ellen Hutson LLC Overstock Sale List.

Things to note, or that you may or may not be familiar with:

  • Unused dryer sheets, 4 layers deep (in this instance, I just took two and folded them in half and stacked them together):  These work AWESOME for die cutting more intricate shapes! I just lay my card stock on top of the dryer sheets, then the die, then run everything through my Big Shot with the same sandwich as always.  You can eject the die easily  from the paper without the need for a pokey tool and all the pieces, including the negatives, will stick to the dryer sheet until you need them. Then, you just peel off what you want to use. This is particularly useful when “paper-piecing” die shapes back together on your project.
  • Sometimes I get a little crazy with the liquid glue; I usually rummage around in my scrap bin for a scrap strip of card stock and trim off the end at an angle. Then I use it like a squeegee to remove any excess that “squidges” out, as the wonderful Miss Debby Hughes likes to say.
  • I like using Distress Paint in Black Soot to add spatters to some of my watercolor pieces; makes me feel artsy…
  • You can add free-hand foiled accents to your project by using a Zig Two Way Glue Pen–just draw what you want and let the glue dry (it goes on blue, but will be clear when dry, and tacky), then grab your bits and pieces of leftover foil from previous projects and lay the foil (pretty side up) over the tacky glue spots, and burnish the foil onto it with your finger tips.  I just love those irregular orbs of foil!



If you have any other questions, just leave ‘em below in the comments.  And, thanks for stopping by!




  1. It was interesting to see how the layered stack of butterflies looked so great in the end – without using foam tape etc. The colouring on the background was just right – so ethereal! :)

  2. Julie, I love this card. I thought the video was just fine and I caught every detail. Thanks for sharing two tips I loved…your dryer sheets (I use wax paper) and the foiling. I’ve been scared to get on the foiling bandwagon…but I can do do exactly as you did…very pretty…I think I’ll give it a go.

  3. I love the finished product but found the video a bit manic – way to fast for me. The gold blobs are great as is your watercolored background.

  4. Julie, that is stunning!

  5. Love the card and the video, but I found myself wanting to slow it down to catch the details.

  6. Julie, I miss your voice and giggle. Great creation as usual. I could warch ans listen to you for hours. Seriously!

  7. WOW! If there ever was almost 4 minutes of wonderful, this is IT! I loved this card! Your gold foil technique in the end was awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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