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Lemons web1

Sometimes, lemons aren’t really lemons, if ya’ know what I mean?

One of the dies in the Thankful Dies set looked like it could be a lemon… So, I figured what the heck, just DO IT! Oh, yes I did!!! *fist pump*  Yes, I did feel quite brilliant when I finished this!  *monkey clapping* So, although I only show one, I actually made a stack of  ’em to have on hand.

Lemons web2

I layered the “Thanks a bunch” 3 deep to create a chipboard like thickness to it–with a heavier weight card stock, like Card Shoppe #100 by Bazzill, you can often get away with only 3 layers. :)

Oh, and, major miracle: I did a video for this and threw it up on YouTube… I should rename my channel, “The totally random video series by Julie”. The end.


Thanks for stopping by! :)


Designer note:  Washi tape is from my personal stash


  1. I L-O-V-E this lemon card. So colorful and creative! Now that I’ve subscribed, even if you post randomly, I will not miss any of your posts. Thanks so much for sharing your creations with us.

  2. Another great card, with a video! Really like those lemons!

  3. I just love this! The lemons look so real and I love the washi tape too! So pretty!

  4. How cute and creative! LOVE this!!!

  5. Love how this one turned out, Julie. It’s always fun to see other crafters stretching their supplies.

  6. So creative, Julie! Love your beautiful lemons! Fab card! ♥

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