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Frappe rings WEB

My dad always kids me that what I call coffee, is really “glorified cocoa”…  He drinks it black, and I can’t drink it at all without all the fun stuff (you know, the stuff that slathers the pounds to your behind). Whatever, Dad! *hair flip* ;)

Nevertheless, I love my coffee, and I love coffee stamps, and these ideas for coffee cards with the “Oh, frappé!” stamp set just keep swirling in my head.

Frappe rings WEB2

Like most of my favorite cards, this one is pretty simple–and relatively clean! *chuckle*

LINK:  Watch in HD on my YouTube Channel HERE.

 Hope your week has been good–I’m excited about a weekend getaway with the Mister, that includes the Home Show… We finally have a contractor lined up and are starting the remodel on our house… I’m excited and terrified all at the same time…  Bracing myself for lots of idea overload… And wine.  Hah!




  1. Caffeine cuteness!

  2. LOVE this card….LOVE all of your designs…LOVE YOU, too! Thanks so much for sharing. You are my favorite.

  3. Brilliant :-)
    Have a fin getaway, and good luck with the remodeling!

  4. Great video. Love your clean and simple card!

  5. I am in love with this card!

  6. that’s really cute. love the coffee rings.

  7. Love the card, love a frappe’ from McDonalds of all places! LOL!

  8. I’m with Dad … black, and hot! Oh there have been occasions when only a frappe will do – this is one of those! Darling, Julie!!
    On that remodel: my husband and I spent 15 years remodeling a little Cape Cod, then built our own home – yep, 2.5 years of it … I was the general contractor! Let me know when you need that wine – it [SO]helped!

  9. love the card, love the video, love whipped cream….

    good luck on the reno. it will be worth it. just keep saying that!

  10. glorified cocoa…that made me chuckle.
    I adore your card…so fun…one of my fav sets of your newest release.

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