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Altenew remember web1

Clean, simple, and with an outcome slightly different than originally planned.  *snort*


Altenew remember web2




Yes, it’s another hyperlapse.  Shot on my iPhone. But edited on my iPad.  And, I finally figured out how to do a voiceover, with a mic, on my ipad.  I’m learning new technologies that will hopefully save me time/streamline my work down the road (please, please, video gawds, anything to streamline!).  Right now, of course, it takes a lot of time,  of which I seem to have very little of lately, plus trial and error.  But, you cannot succeed if you do not learn, and you cannot learn if you do not try. And fail. And after many fails, I think I am making some headway. Slowly. Hah! *chortle*

Oh, I know what yer thinkin’: “Julie, Julie, Julie.  Surely you jest!”





Have a gooder day! ;)


P.S.  I did a different technique with this same set over in the CLASSroom for Hello, Monday 09.12.2016–check it out HERE!


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  1. So pretty!! I loved watching how you handled a little mishap with no sweat whatsoever! :)

  2. Just lovely Julie. Love Altenew’s florals, they are just beautiful!

  3. Oh MY GOODNESSSSS!!! Such a gorgeous card…..LOVED to watch your process. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Just gorgeous, Julie! Thank you for the video!

  5. Just beautiful! Thanks!

  6. Nice! The new outcome works out well. :-)

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