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Peonies for mama


My mom’s birthday is coming up and since she loves flowers, I pulled out the Mondo Peony and Lovely to do some quick and loose watercolor. Finished it off with some black spatters and Rose Gold Sequins.



Peonies for mama web2


This was shot entirely on my iPhone 6+; I was testing out a recent purchase–the Arkon Desk/Table Stand for Kitchen/DIY/Crafting Periscopers (no affiliation; just bought one after hearing about it via Sandy Allnock).  I don’t actually Periscope myself (alas, I am incapable of creating and talking simultaneously. I also cannot cook and talk simultaneously.  However,  folding laundry and talking at the same time is entirely within my wheelhouse.  Go figure.),  but I absolutely adore Hyperlapsed crafty videos set to pretty or fun music…

Anyway, I really like the stand!  It’s well-built/sturdy, the vice type grips at the repositionable joints tighten nicely to hold any position I need to use my iPhone for video work, and it is much easier to set up and takes far less space than a standard tripod with a boom, etc.  The base is heavy so there’s no danger of it tipping, either.  I also like that the clamp that grips the phone has substantial rubber padding; no worries about scratching my phone.



Hope my mama enjoys this card as much as I did making it for her… :)



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  1. Your mom will love the card Julie, it’s gorgeous.

  2. Just exquisite! Thank you so much for filming this.

  3. So pretty! I Love everything mondo!

  4. It’s a beauty. Nice music.

  5. So pretty! and you make it look so easy!

  6. What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL card. LOVE!

  7. Gorgeous!!!

  8. Oh, my – Momma is gonna be so delighted. Bet she is super-proud of her girl! Julie, you make this look so dang easy! this is just stunning and one of my all-time favorite Julie creations. LOVE!!!

  9. Will she like it? Well that’s a given. Beauty-full.

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