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Super excited! I found out I can embed the video right here! Yay! :) Not too ridiculously shabby for a girl who didn’t inherit the elusive geek gene… BAH HA HA!!!


Thanks for watchin’!



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  1. Julie, another success! Love your videos always. Have a happy Easter to the Ebersole clan.

  2. You are just my favorite! Bwahaha! You are SO more techie than I am, loving your washi drawer and I better get my act together and my room done before your new release!!

    • Love watching the progress on Insta, Donna! It’s gonna be so AMAZING!!! The knobs pic cracked me–like two little eyes peering out the drawer, LOL! LONG LIVE ALL THE DRAWERS!!! ;)

  3. There you go! This new pic is so much more indicative of your personality, young and bubbly! I can understand about the glasses, i wear them too and don’t like how I look in them but yours are so cute. Have a good week and a Happy Holiday Julie. And. . . I’ll try the FB avenue next time, thanks.

  4. LOL…I love watching you, Julie. You always make me grin AND…bonus…I always learn cool stuff, too. Thanks!!

  5. Hey, kiddo! Thanks for posting this here. I had all kinds of troubles trying to watch it on FB. You are doing such a great job. Love the response about washi….You are so candid about your live of that stuff!!! Keep up the wonderful work and you do continue to keep me smiling and inspired. Hugs, Maureen K. Morton

  6. SUPER!!!!!
    I would feel like you..so happy when I find something out about computers..I am a nope about computers…only learned how to make and put photo’s on my computer a year ago!!
    (don’t have a Iphone..but an very old phone on a wire!!)
    LOVE the video and the previous one..you are so sweeT!

    Greetings Holly.

  7. Julie I think you are absolutely adorable! I have been following you for a long time and purchasing your designs which are Darling I watch your classroom videos with your voice in the background but it’s so nice to see you in person just to talk to. I must say your hairstyle is so very cute. Maybe you should re-do your photo for the page, you look a lot younger with the new hairstyle and the glasses. . . love the look. . . rather artsy! Your video was a delight and I look forward to more in the future. I wished we could see the comments and questions from other viewers as they are being asked like I’ve seen on some videos. I think you have to use Facebook though for that application, not sure, but I think you did very well for a “non-techy” person. I can relate. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next video and in the meantime I’ll continue to follow you online and in the classroom! Big Hugs!

    • Thanks, Michele! You are so kind! I just updated my headshot at your suggestion–but I had to keep the glasses off–I just hate having my picture taken with those darn spectacles! Oh, vanity… GAAAH!!! LOL!

      But, I did want to let you know that if you want to see the comments, please visit the post on Facebook–it is fun to see and makes more sense when watching the video! I guess you have to use a paid for plug-in in order to embed not only the video but the comments as well. I may spring for it eventually, once I get the hang of things a little more.

      Hugs right back at ya’! :)

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