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Bear ware Halloween-001-jebersole


I masked off a hillside on watercolor paper  (free-hand cut the mask) and then blended some Distress Oxide Inks to create a night sky.  Splattered with water and heat set repeatedly until satisfied. :)  I had a scrap of watercolor paper I’d done the same thing with in yellow and orange inks, sitting in my scrapbin, so I punched a circle out of it for a moon. This is why we save ridiculous things like scraps, right?! *insert rolling eyeballs*


Bear Ware Halloween-002-jebersole


All the images were stamped and colored with Copic markers prior to die cutting. I’m always trying to color Bear and have yet to find a color of brown I really like on him–I seem to really like him just all white. Not sure why.  This worked out OK, but I think next time, I’m just gonna leave him white.  *chuckle*

Kitty cracks me.  She looks very… pragmatic about all this Halloween business. LOL!

BTW, I find I’ve been using Tsukineko/Imagine Crafts PICO Clear Embellisher (or their On Point Glue; the bonus of using PICO, however, is that it can also be used as a high gloss epoxy finish) for my sequins of late; I don’t seem to have any nozzle clogging issues!  I know it doesn’t have a matte finish, but at this point, I don’t care–it glues those puppies down and it doesn’t clog.    Besides, if I get sloppy, I just use a little scrap card stock corner as a squeegee to remove any excess.


Happy Hump Day! :)



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  1. Gorgeous sky, Julie! I just got Bear Ware 2 in the mail yesterday – can’t wait to start playing!!

  2. I like him white, too… let’s just say he’s in costume here! Of course you’d save that perfect scrap! and Kitty’s like “guess what else she’ll find in that scrapbin!”
    Fabulous spookalicious sky – love it ALL…

  3. So cute!!

  4. Love the sky. Really pretty. The bear I made today is holding the candy cane. I outlined him with Copic – cool shadow. I could not decide on a color for him either.

  5. Too stinking’ cute, Julie! Great sky and moon, btw. Thanks for the tip on the PICOs. Funny thing is I was re-organizing last week (trying to make room for cello new stuff) and I came upon mine – long neglected. I decided I needed to decide if I was ever going to use them again. Guess I am! I’m so crazy about this new set but I simply haven’t had time yet to play.

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