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Hey, y’all! :)

I’ve had the once in a lifetime opportunity to take my sweet mama with me, on a month long trip to Japan, to visit my daughter and granddaughter.  4 generations in Japan = PRICELESS.

Japan is breathtakingly amazing and I cannot begin to describe how wonderful this journey has been… I am in awe… Ancient shrines, temples and architecture, beautiful kimonos,  soaring skyscrapers, an astounding rail system and fabulous foods… A country steeped in old traditions and yet an abundance of phenomenal modern conveniences that have left me in wonder…

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the photos I’ve been sharing.  If not, but you’re interested in my adventures there, you can see more photos by clicking on my feed over there in the right side column of my blog.

In a month’s time, I have only experienced a small fraction of all there is to see and do–it is much, MUCH larger than I imagined…

If ever you have a chance to go, see, do Japan… TAKE IT!!!



  1. loved following your trip on IG. Every picture was so vivid. And all 4 generations are beautiful. So happy you were able to do this

  2. So very happy for you, Julie! I’ve been enjoying all of your great photos and your ears should be burning because we talk all about your travels when we are at Steph’s. Love that you got to do this with all the gals!

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed your guided tour, Julie … and have drooled over every foodie-photo, and those gorgeous dishes!
    A fairy-tale trip with your sweet mama, daughter and grandbaby!
    I do hope one day that opportunity will present itself!

    • So glad you enjoyed! I still pinch myself that I had such an opportunity! OMG, the dishes, Michele! I had the hardest time not buying and bringing back gobs–I adore the dishware!!! But, I learned a big lesson on this trip; take one suitcase, but do NOT, DO NOT come back with two suitcases (the struggle on the trains getting to the airport is not worth it): SHIP ALL PURCHASES HOME AND SAVE YOURSELF A LOT OF GRIEF!!!

      Hauling more than one (heavy) suitcase on and off trains and up/down stairs in stations without elevators or escalators proved too much for this 54 yr. old outta shape body!!! LOL!

      Not kidding…(!)

  4. What a great trip. Thank you so much for posting all those pics. They were wonderful to see.

  5. Hi Julie,
    I’m glad to hear you had a fabulous trip with your family (Wow, 4 generations!!). You all seemed to have a blast in Japan! I used to live near Senso-ji temple, and I saw some pictures of the temple on your Instagram. I was back in Tokyo earlier this month, so I guess we were in Japan about the same time enjoying the beautiful fall. I love Japanese bakery too (and stationery)! Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh, how crazy to have been there at the same time! WOW! An amazing time with my girls and yes, fall is gorgeous there! Glad you enjoyed the photos!

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