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A Clean & Simple One Layer Card with Masking

TT Flower friends masked WEB1

So, I really, REALLY wanted to do a video in time for Cath’s release blog hop, but I just could not squeeze it in with all the irons I had in the fire… Video editing (for me) is often fairly time-consuming… It can sometimes take me two hours just to do the voice-over because my dog starts barking like a rabid canine at some innocent, harmless bunny rabbit sitting in the front yard (Unfortunately, I don’t have a sound-proof recording studio built into my home).  Or, I sometimes ramble… Or get the hiccups out of nowhere… Or get a tickle or frog in my throat and have to cough to clear it… OR, yes, scandalous though it may be to say it, I burp. GAAAAAH!!! *cheeks flaming scarlet*  Yup!  That can happen. It’s horridly embarrassing to be human sometimes, ya’ know what I mean???  Anyway, when I play it back, I think, “O.M.G., nobody wants to hear that crap!–Heck, *I* don’t wanna hear that crap!!!”… So, then I start all over. AGAIN.

Hey. I’m just keepin’ it real.

You can read more about my processes, if you are interested, HERE, where I was interviewed by the infamous and much beloved Joan Bardee, of Dear Paperlicious. Joan is probably my most favorite crafty blogger ever in the history of the world. I love her cards and totally, utterly, absolutely adore her writing style because I always leave with a big grin, laughing with her, and chuckling at myself!

But, I digress…

TT Flower friends masked WEB2

I shot this video on my iPhone using the Hyperlapse app; the card and technique are pretty straightforward and self-explanatory as you watch.

If you’d like to give the video a thumbs up over on YouTube, click HERE–it is much appreciated!



Have a gooder day! *big cheesy grin*




Warning: You need a sense of humor for this one…

Making a human WEB 001


My daughter Hayley’s sister-in-law–actually, all her in-laws–have a great sense of humor, and when she and her husband announced they were expecting, I just knew she would get the funny behind this card.  We’re so happy for them, and that our granddaughter Lilly will soon have a cousin!


Making a human WEB 002


Making a human WEB 030

I used my Dymo Label Maker to finish the inside… *chuckle*

You can watch the video in HD on YouTube–please give it a thumbs up, if you like hilarious cards, too! :)

If you’re curious about the DIY Portable Peerless Palette, here’s a video tutorial:

Have a fab weekend!



Spooky 5MQ

Spider web1

5MQ. OK, so I call it a 5MQ (5 minute quick-ee) NOT because I can design it in 5 minutes, but because it can be duplicated in 5–not counting the drying time of the watercolor part.  Savvy?

This card packs a whollop for me… …because I adore simplicity, minimalism, watercolor (albeit kind of cheating to use the Distress Stains in this way, I mean, seriously… could anything BE more effortless than these stripes??? *insert Chandler Bing voice*)…

Spider web2

And, Spidey… swingin’ from the twine?  I know, right?  EEP!!!

Thanks for stopping by!





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