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I got to spend Mother’s Day weekend with my sweet mama, and together we attended a baby shower for my cousin’s daughter, Tana, who is expecting twin girls!

SIDEBAR: the cousin I refer to is actually my dad’s cousin, Janice (we’re just closer in age to each other than she and my dad are). We’re trying to figure out exactly what my familial relationship is to both my dad’s cousin, Janice and, subsequently to her daughter, Tana. Am I Janice’s first-cousin once removed? Or, are we second-cousins? Dad and Janice’s grandmother is my GREAT grandmother, if that helps any… And, once that’s established, where do Tana and I fit together on the family tree? When the twins arrive, then what? *boggled* I think I will just pretend I am a Great Auntie and call it good! ;)

Anyway, with Tana expecting twin girls (Fun times ahead!!!), I had to design a rather unique card… Janice is, after all, the one who actually introduced me to rubber stamping and card-making in the first place (all her fault!!!), so there was no way I could arrive without a hand-made card, right?

Oh, the pressure!!! *insert vision of me, running around with arms flailing*

I had a piece of left-over watercolored paper laying on my desk and it was so pretty and the quote was one I found online… and then of a sudden the whole idea just kinda fell into place:  Add some clouds, two little hearts and the quote with my trusty Dymo Label Maker–that thing has saved me sooooo many times when I didn’t have a stamp that said exactly what I wanted! I love the “old school”/retro look… I suppose I should use my computer, but I have a bad habit of agonizing on which font to use and then the 5MQ ends up taking me over an hour all because of my indecision on font work… Oy!!!

It was a lovely shower, and sooooo good to spend some time with my mama–thank you to those of you that have asked me how she is doing! She is doing awesome!


Designer note: I used some very old cloud and heart punches I had on hand, but there are plenty of cloud and heart die sets that can be used to re-create this design.

Baby Shower Humor



We were invited to the couples baby shower of the son of a friend of ours and I only had 5 minutes to whip out something before flying out the door to the party…

Having a baby is such an amazing, wonder-full experience and being a parent is such an important and complex job…  Along with those precious tiny fingers & toes, adorable gurgling noises, and the sweet, snuggly smell of a newborn comes sleepless nights, countless messy diapers, and a lot of work for the next 18 years, preparing that little bundle to venture out some day into the big world on their own.

I can’t help but want to interject a little humor when congratulating new parents… because I know what lies ahead… And, they’re gonna need it. ;)



Note: A Dymo Label Maker was used to create the sentiment. I took this shot with my iPhone before dashing out the door, so I wasn’t able to pick up the sparkly shimmer on the stars and baby bundle, courtesy of my Clear Wink of Stella Brush Pen. :)

Holiday Quickies Series: #5 HOx3


*chuckle* Can’t help it… One of the cutest holiday die sets I got this year were these beards & mustaches by Memory Box–seriously, seriously ADORABLE!!!

This is it–the last of the Holiday Quickies! :)

I had a lot of fun creating them and hope you have a most wondermous holiday season with your loved ones!

Have a very, Merry Christmas!!!

*mondo group hug*



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