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Scalloped Heart (Hailey’s design, fundraising for Scleroderma), and Large Lower Case Polka Alpha Clear Set by A Muse Art Stamps; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Warm Red; Pink Marker; Sakura Quickie Glue Pen; Prisma Glitter, Ultrafine Multi-Iridescent; Ribbon by May Arts; Wavy Square Frames Die for Cuttlebug by Provo Craft; Big Shot Die Cutting Machine by Ellison

Before heading out for CHA 07, this Valentine idea kept buzzin’ the back of my brain, so I had to quickly pull it together.   After cutting a window into the card front (that’s Fairy Dust, a pale shade of pink that I just love by A Muse–so soft!) with the Wavy Square Frames Die, I traced the opening of the window through the card very lightly with a pencil, and then stamped and colored the heart with a pink marker.  The heart seemed to beg for a little glitz to give that extra oomph, so I colored it in with a glue pen, and then applied glitter.


All the letters were then stamped, and as you can see, a very quick, yet special Valentine can be made with just a great heart image and a great alphabet set!   I love when something like this turns out just right, on the first run!  YEA!!!!

Right now, I’m actually sitting in SeaTac Airport, and it’s goin’ on 3pm . . . flight’s not until 5:00 . . . so, I had to do something to keep me occupied; I didn’t pack any good mags, so I figured I’d just pop in. (grin!)

And, now, I’ll mosey (sp?) on over to the SCS blog and post a little update over there. (wink!)

Paper Roses

All Patterned Papers, Clear Art Stamps, Victorian Photo Turn Sticker, and Vintage Reproduction Photo by Crafty Secrets; Ink Jet Transparency by Hammermill; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Pink Pastel and Alabaster; Palette Hybrid in Burnt Umber; Dye Ink Creamy Caramel and More Mustard by SU!; Antique Copper Mini Brads by Creative Impressions; Velvet Ribbon source unknown; Layered Flower Die (Thick Cuts) by Ellison; Multi-Flower Punch by SU!

I was so pleased with a paper rose corsage I’d created for a vintage friendship design.  It was a rejected magazine submission, but I loved how it turned out, and just had to share it in the January DD Gallery.  Anyhoo, the response to that piece was very enthusiastic, so I decided to try another one for this wedding creation.

When you click on the link to the Layered Flower Die, you see what the paper pieces (cut from vanilla card stock) look like when they come out of the machine; each layer is an individual piece.  I DTP’d pink pastel chalk ink to the edges, then proceeded to crumple and curl the paper edges of the petals with my fingers, shaping and molding as I went.  Then, each layer was secured together with a single brad.  After it was assembled, I DTP’d more pink ink, and then caramel and a little mustard to antique it.  The same was done to the leaves, which were actually cut free-hand for this one.

I was trying to pick up that hint of pink in the patterned paper.  I tucked a vintage wedding image underneath the flower, and then decided I wanted to add one more touch:  an acetate overlay.  So a flourish was stamped on the textured side of a square of transparency cut to the same dimensions as the image.  I typically stamp on the textured side, and then flip it over so the image is protected and can’t be smudged or scratched off.  BUT, I botched the first one, because I didn’t think about which corner it would end up on, once it was flipped over; it ended up on the upper left, which crowded the design towards the center.

So, had to do another one, and this time I stamped it in the corner where I knew it would appear to the upper RIGHT, once I flipped the acetate over.

I like stamping overlays this way–inkjet transparency is so much easier to work with, and will accept a variety of inks very well, with far less slippage, including Colorbox Fluid Chalk, Versamagic Chalk, Brilliance, Palette Hybrid.

Remember, however:  this method of stamping on the textured side and then flipping it over will not work with words.  They’ll appear in reverse. (Wink!)

I realize I haven’t uploaded a lot of card designs of late; there has been a lot going on, including helping my son with a big school project (The International Festival of Lights) that finally was concluded last week,  my daughter’s physical therapy, work-related design I can’t share at this time, etc.

Taylor had to do a report on a country of his choice–a lot of writing.  They had to go online and do research, etc.  He chose Russia!  In addition to the report, the kids had to design and build an electric light that represented their country.  This had to be done all at home.  After a lot of brainstorming and discussion, Taylor zero’d in on the idea to build a light representing when the USSR defeated the US in the Munich Olympic Basketball Games, as it was a pretty historical moment.  Oh, and he had to use supplies and materials from home–no running out to buy anything.  Great . . .

Of course, a project of this magnitude is quite difficult for a 10 yr. old kid to tackle all on their own; as you can imagine, a lot of parental assistance was required–it’s one thing to come up with an idea, and entirely another to figure out how to turn it into reality using only stuff you have on hand.  Chuckle!  When all was said and done, this was the result:


After working on this all weekend before it was due, we plugged in the lights and high-5′d each other in glee–we’d accomplished the task!  Oh, but there’s more! (wink!)

I then realized that we also had to bring a potluck dish, again, representative of Russia, to the International Festival of Lights Evening Presentation and Dinner.  WHAT????!!!!!! (insert serious shrieking) Oh, noooOOOOOOoooooOOOOOO!!!  What do I know about Russian cuisine????  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!   Just when I had resigned myself to trying to prepare Bev Stroganov (OK, if I can’t even spell it, how am I supposed to cook it????), my buddy Linda, who just happened to have spent time with a Russian family while growing up, rescued me with a Krasny Apple Cake recipe!

Now, we all know:  Julie doesn’t cook anything from scratch.  But, in this instance, I had to come through for my son and the entire 4th Grade Class!!!

So, I did it.  But, being NOT a Suzie Baker . . . I didn’t realize you hafta flour the surface when rolling out the dough–and the rolling pin, too!  Dough was sticking everywhere and I had a fine mess going on. (grimace)  I finally scraped up the dough and smashed it as best I could into the bottom of the pan . . .


Whaddiditellya’??????  I swear I am Martha Stewart’s culinary nightmare!

I plunked in the apples, and didn’t even attempt to roll out the top crust and instead, pinched it out all over the top.  I think it turned out puuuurdeeeeeeeeeeee, and nobody else knew the difference cuz it tasted AWESOME and disappeared!!! (very big grin!)


On another good note:  Yesterday’s appointment with the Ortho Surgeon was a positive one!  Doc says she’s clear for ACL surgery, which will happen February 13th.  Then, we’ll have even more work to do as far as her rehab goes.

I think I’ll make another Krasny Apple Cake to celebrate–and this time, I won’t even attempt to roll out the dough!  Just don’t tell Martha, ‘K?!  (chuckle!)

Love Bloom

All images, Celestial Blue note card, by A Muse Art Stamps; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Ink in Olive Pastel, Ice Blue, Warm Red; Palette Hybrid Ink in Noir; Pitt Pastel Pencils by Faber Castell; Sakura Quickie Glue Pen; Prisma Glitter Multifine Clear/Iridescent; Ribbon by May Arts

My entry just previous to this one features a sketch I developed in order to pull off the above design.  There were no layers involved, so the large block you see in the sketch referred to using A Muse’s large background block–one of my favorite A Muse images of all time, and a definite staple among my collection.

The block background was inked with Ice Blue (always work with palest colors first and then add darker colors so you don’t contaminate your ink pads), and then the Olive Pastel and then stamped.  The Heart Ball was then stamped into position using the sketch as my guide.

The stem was hand-drawn with a chalk pencil and quickly blended out with my pinky finger, and then I did the same to the little hearts.  I quickly traced each of the hearts with the glue pen, as adding glitter was an after thought.

After stamping the sentiment, the ribbon was added, and voilá!

If the above layout/sketch inspires you, I would love to see your adaptations and variations of it!  Wherever you have posted them, I think it would be fun if you came back and posted a comment down below this entry, with a link, so I can go take a peek at your creation!

Whaddya say?  Are ya’ game? (grin!)

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