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Fine Things . . .

Birds & Nests Stamp Set by Cavallini

I went surfin’ the internet, on a quest to find this beautiful stamp set and couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled onto it at Broadway Paper, located in Milwaukee, WI.

These Italian made stamps are of gray rubber, and, as you can see, the rubber isn’t trimmed, and they are not mounted with cushion.  But, the images are so GAAAAW-JUS!!!–I have a fondness for realistic and vintage bird images–I could not get them out of my head!

They even come in this beautimous tin and include a vintage style ink pad!  All the images that come in the set are imprinted on the scalloped label you see there on the tin lid.  At first, all I could do was ogle the tin . . . but, I finally broke open the plastic seal so I could begin to play . . . Here’s what I made right away:


Sometimes, you just want a project to have a quiet sense of elegance and sophistication, and the combination of all these images, when paired with fine Italian papers, does the job to perfection, don’t you think?  I was so enchanted with the design of the label on the tin, that it alone was the inspiration for these cards.  A snippet of velvet ribbon lends a little luxury to the one design, while gingham adds a sweet touch on the other two.


Sample on the left:  Frame image from Label Classics by Stampin’ Up!; Tree image from Birds & Nests by Cavallini; Sentiment by Anna Griffin for Plaid; Palette Hybrid Inks; Fabriano Mediovalis Reply Card (I order these from StarLitStudio); Velvet Ribbon by May Arts (also from StarLitStudio)

Sample on the right:  Frame image from Label Classics by Stampin’ Up!; Bird cage image from Birds & Nests by Cavallini; Sentiment by A Muse Art Stamps; Palette Hybrid Inks; Fabriano Mediovalis Reply Card; Brushed Metallic Bronze Card stock by Cardenon Stardreams; Antique Copper Mini Brads, source unknown; Red Gingham Ribbon by May Arts; BookPlate Die by Sizzix Originals


Frame image from Label Classics by Stampin’ Up!; Bird Nest and Bird on Branch images from Birds & Nests by Cavallini; Sentiment by Anna Griffin for Plaid; 1/8" Silver Eyelet; Brown Gingham Ribbon by May Arts; 1/2" Circle Punch by Stampin’ Up!

Had to have a little bird peepin’ out the window . . . (grin!)  I think this would make a darling greeting for new parents, welcoming their little one, yes?


As I poked around Broadway Paper, I noted that they carry some of the swankiest stuff, including these die-cut scalloped and plain card stock circles, and ric rac panels–all in beautiful colors!  I made this sweet little basket using one of the plain circles (I’d gotten the pattern and idea a long time ago from Fiskars.com , but, for some reason, can’t find the link on their website anywhere; as soon as I do, I’ll include it here).


I used one of the scallop circles to make a bag topper!  This was actually inspired by the packaging of a bag of Foofala buttons–so cool!  I just folded the scallop circle in half, creasing well with a bone folder, and then trimmed as shown, with my scissors, so I could slip it through the handles of the bag, and then punch holes, looping ribbon through to secure the top of the bag shut.

Too easy, and so darn cute, I tell ya’!!! (bouncin’!)

Here are just a few other items that ended up in my "favorites" list at Broadway Paper’s site:

Hip Chicks Connexxions Cards (too, too hilarious!)

Citrus Tall Notebook (Fun and funky!)

Holiday Stickers Tin by Cavallini (*adore* the retro style of these!)

Thank You Card Kit, Vibrant (colorful and just so pretty!)

Baby Love Letters (Isn’t this just precious????)

Hot Dots Ribbon (Dots.  Need I say more?)

I hafta admit, tho, was pretty much taken with all the hip cool stuff on their site, and tickled to death that I could shop online there.   Otherwise?  I’d have serious envy towards all the shoppers in Milwaukee . . .

Birds & Nests Stamp Set by Cavallini and Decorative Shaped Papers, courtesy of Broadway Paper.

Happy Turkey Day!

All images, note card, Scalloped Oval Clear Sticker by A Muse Art Stamps; Colorbox Fluid Chalk Inks in Charcoal, Dark Brown; Waterbased Markers; Ribbon by May Arts

I couldn’t help myself–the turkey, the turkey platter, the li’l pilgrim girl, and the clear sticker just all fell into place design-wise without any hesitation!  It just cracks me up–poor Tom!  He’s in dire straits, eh?!

This design is pretty much self-explanatory, but, just in case there’s any confusion,  the "ground" was simply hand speckled with a fine-tip brown marker.

This is another example of  how to use scale effectively.  The turkey was stamped lower down on the white panel, and the pilgrim girl stamped higher, giving the illusion of her standing in the distance behind him, while she envisions turnin’ ‘im into a tasty main dish.

Have a blessed and joy-filled Thanksgiving Holiday!

Pressure Embossing, the easy way!

"Thinking of You" from Sincere Salutations by Stampin’ Up!; White and Celery Card Stocks; Patterned Paper by Anna Griffin; Acetate (office supply); Palette Hybrid Ink in Noir; Shimmer Pearlescent Chalks by Pebbles, Inc.; Stylized Flowers, Cuttlebug Embossing Folder by Provo Craft; Celery Mini Brads and Clear Square Button by Stampin’ Up!; Ribbon by May Arts (available at StarLitStudio)

True confessions:  I have become seriously bitten.  Seriously.  It’s baaaaaaad.  How long ago did I get my Big Shot?  2 months?  Yeah.  Guess what bit me the other day ‘cuz I had a 50% off coupon code for Joann’s that worked? (evidently, now they’ve altered the coupon so it will not accept die cutting machines nor accessories/dies, but I got lucky that day)

A bug.

A sweet, celery green, purse-shaped, platform folding, pressure embossing, die cutting piece of modern paper crafting engineering:  The Cuttlebug

Do I need this? No!  Especially not after the ouchie-mama van repair bill of last week AND the repair bill on my daughter’s car THIS WEEK! 

(insert wailing voice)

It is scheduled to fly in on Friday.  (VBGs!!!)  I was assimilated by the SCS rubbah borg; their influence and power is very great . . . DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THEM!!! (wink!)

So, I snagged a CB embossing folder when I stopped at Joann’s, after gettin’ my wheels fixed.  I ran it through my Big Shot and was it ever SUH-WEEEEEEEET!!!  Just look at the crisp sharp detail it embossed with!  While they refer to it as A-2 in size, as I mentioned before, it’s actually about 1/8" smaller all around than true A-2.  But, I wasn’t bothered by it.

After the embossing was done, I decided to select some ribbon, and THEN, determine what colors to use.  I had recently gotten this sheer peachy polka dot ribbon from StarLitStudio, and used that as my guide.  Of course, the warm peach tones looked especially beautiful paired with celery, so that was easy, and chalks enabled me to quickly buff color onto the raised images of the panel.

The trick with pressure embossing, because it is so beautiful, is to let it take center stage.  Boy, did I flounder around . . . Finally, I decided to glue a punched out square of patterned paper to the button, and pierce holes so I could knot the ribbon through it. 

A sentiment.  Where the heck to put a sentiment so as not to distract from the embossing . . . and how????  This bugged me for a long time until I finally decided to use acetate, and a simple, yet elegant greeting, which I then secured to the panel with mini brads.  It allowed the embossing to show through and provided a visual anchor in the lower right corner that balanced out the design and made it feel "complete".

BTW, I stamped the sentiment with Palette Hybrid Noir.  I could have used Staz-On, but the Noir seems to have a truer black intensity when stamped on acetate, so Noir it was!

I can’t tell you how satisfying it was to make this card because I LOVE pressure/dry embossing–it’s so elegant and gives such dimension to a card.  But, I haven’t been able to do it for years, due to my tendinitis; just too painful and took waaaaaay too long.  Now?  Lawdy, I can pressure emboss to my heart’s content with the Big Shot or the Cuttlebug!  I am quite a happy stamper!  In fact, the most time-consuming part of the whole project was figuring out what to embellish it with, and how!

It’s been a loooong week, and now nearly over.  Where does the time go???  I never seem to have enough of that precious commodity . . .

I raced to get as much laundry (and, as many Dirty Dozen creations) done as possible on Monday/Tuesday before the wind storm hit.  I felt badly I couldn’t get a DD teaser poem done for the Fan Clubbers, but, I was literally at my wits’ end!  The storm seemed to tease us, and then bypass us.  Just when I thought we’d get lucky, se fue la luz! (the power went out!) around 4 am Wednesday.   At first school was delayed, and then, finally cancelled, when they realized that the power wasn’t gonna come back any time soon . . . never does . . .

Broni, thank you so much for informing me of the Tsunami Alert!  It was later cancelled, thank goodness!  Criminy, Washington has really taken a beating from Mother Nature of late . . .

I puttered around in my PJs all Wednesday . . . it’s amazing, even when you’re stuck at home, how little can be accomplished when you don’t have sufficient light to work with, or electricity to heat set anything  . . . ack!!! . . . The wind literally screamed all around the house and we’re surrounded by very tall trees . . . watching them sway made me nervous, so I tried to busy myself, but having the kids home for the day, no power, and raging wind seemed to squelch my creativity . . .

Anyhoo, pardon my drivel–just noticed I am rambling all over the place about things rather inconsequential (non-stamping/paper).  chuckle!  All I really finished was the above card, in between trying to boil water on the propane BBQ just for a cuppa . . . (rolling eyeballs) . . . good thing I had instant cappuccino  in the pantry for just such an emergency! Hah!

Well, it’s time for Cinderella to whip the palace into shape; my parents called this morning.  They’re coming for the weekend!  This is a rare thing, so I’m gonna enjoy every second with them . . . Yes.  I am bouncin’! (wink!)

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