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RESCHEDULED LIVE CLASSES: The Paper Garden, Sacramento FEB 10 & 11, 2012

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Well.  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you probably know I was "flightless" in Seattle, due to adverse weather conditions.  We were slammed with snow (unusual for this time of year), and then freezing temps prevented crews from being able to keep runways and planes de-iced.

I am SO sorry for having to cancel out. I tried to catch another flight on a completely different airline, and things were looking good, until it came time to board. We were then delayed 15 min. I was OK with that, just glad things were finally a "go". Then the delay became an hour.  And then, like so many others throughout the day, it became CANCELLED. And, at that point, no other flights were available until Friday night…

I have re-scheduled the classes with The Paper Garden for Feb. 10TH & 11th, and hope you will be able to join me then. Cuz, DUDE!!! Surely this cannot happen again. Right?! *shakes head in disbelief*

Thank you so much for your understanding–it was such a trying day, being stuck there.

On the flip side, it was interesting to people-watch. You see the good, the bad and the ugly when you're stranded in an airport . . . One guy, where we were all in a massive line, asked an airline agent if there wasn't an easier way to remedy his current situation and get him on a flight out.

I bit my lip and resisted the urge to thump him on the back of the head.  Oops! Did I say that?!

And, it's amazing how people will park themselves in territorial fashion. Over a power outlet. And snarl, if you come near it.  Or wax on (for over an hour) about how they're are gonna get on FaceBook and slam SeaTac for such ill-preparedness or this airline or that for not having any seats available on another flight.

And, how relieved and grateful some folks will look, when they ask if that vacant chair next to you at Starbucks is being held for someone else, and you say, "Not at all, please sit!"

And how kind it is if you look a little (or a lot) lost and overwhelmed, when a totally random airport employee notices, and stops to ask if there is something they can help you with or help you find.

I also learned that you can actually get a blister from scoring paper for hours upon hours!  If you're comin' to class in February, you are *so* gonna love me; cuz I pre-scored just about everything during my adventures at SeaTac…


LIVE CLASSES: The Paper Garden, Sacramento Jan 20-21


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I'm so excited for my sweet friend Stephanie Nishikawa!  She's moved her store in to a brand new location that just looks smashing!  Isn't it just gorgeous?!  If ever you are in Sacramento, you just gotta' stop in–literally heaven on earth!!!

And, I'm excited to be teaching there in a few short weeks! If you're local to the area, I hope you'll join me!  Please contact the store for all class times, registration fees, and other details! Sneak peeks of some of the projects I'll be featuring are shown below, too!

The Paper Garden Boutique
558 Pavilions Lane
Sacramento, CA 95825


Awash With Watercolors:
We'll use a variety of watercolor techniques and accent these beautiful floral designs with Washi Tape!  Guest Instructor Julie Ebersole will be featuring the Paper Garden Boutique's exclusive collection of images for this stunning set of greeting cards.  Please bring your preferred paper adhesive and detail scissors.


It's So Pretty, It's So Cute!:
Guest Instructor Julie Ebersole will show you how to make box, bag and gift card presentations so cute, you almost hate to open them!  Please bring your preferred paper adhesive and detail scissors.



Fantastic Folds!:
Clever folds make this collection of cards especially fun to make and receive!  Join Guest Instructor Julie Ebersole as she features a whole new batch of folded designs you'll want to add to your idea files!  Please bring preferred paper adhesive and detail scissors.

 Oh, me, oh my!!! All the projects are so much fun–it'll be a blast!  Hope to see you there!

Classes, classes, CLASSES!!! :)

My goodness, is school ever in session, eh?!

That's a good thing, tho.  I've always thought if I could be a "professional" student, how lovely that would be, UKWIM? Never stop learning!

I just wanted to post a reminder about the spot I'm giving away in:


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HolidayImpressions2011je                      BoxesBagsTags2011je

                    Holiday Impressions                                           Boxes, Bags & Tags, oh my!

For more information on these, please see THIS POST. < Yes, click on that.

Lotta prep work goin' on.  But, ooooh, is it ever FUN!!!

I'm hoping I'll be able to squeeze in a 5MQ (  Hey, now. I'm talkin' about the stampin' kind.)

In the meantime . . . Happy Friday to ya'!


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