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The crab . . .


I have coveted this crab for over a year now, ever since I first laid eyes on him. My sweet Mom purchased him for me while we were at the State Tournament. He just CRACKS me!!! (DOH! sheepish grin over the un-intended pun . . . )

I stamped him on those fabulous Fabriano Mediovalis Cards I found at www.impressrubberstamps.com , thanks to Lisa Spangler’s encouragement. She uses these note cards quite frequently, and I can see why she likes ‘em so much–they just look and feel so “fine” . . . happy sigh . . .

This design was what I’d call a “5 Minute Quickie”. chortle! You know how you hesitate, thinking, maybe “just one more” touch? I had to restrain myself from going any further and botchin’ it. I can do that pretty easily . . . ack!

The sand is accented with Sakura Stardust Clear pen, and the sentiment was hand-lettered. The little crab eyelet I found at www.rubberstampfun.com and have been waiting for 2 years now to apply to just the right design. I’m pathetic . . . ship me off to the nearest chapter of BHA–’Bellie Horders Anonymous.


My February Workshop Designs

I did these in February at my workshops for the month. These are some of my favoritest–altho I must admit they were modified CASE’s from other artists . . .


The lovely sage design on the left, was modified from an original by www.splitcoaststampers.com/go/tayloredexpressions . Her original design utilized bleach on the lower half of the card. I’m sensitive to the fumes, however, and substituted in the Vanilla Craft Pad to mimic the effect. I also am far too lazy to custom dye twill and subbed in chocolate grosgrain ribbon.

The little 3×3″ valentine was my own design and used the Rock N’ Roll technique to lend depth to the flowers.

The one in the foreground, center, was a modified CASE of an idea I spotted in the Hero Arts catalog–I loved the coloring they used, and the watercolor crayons, so I adapted using the floral images I had on hand.

All these samples feature the Stampin’ up! set “Heartfelt Thanks”–probably my favorite set released in the 2005-2006 IB & C. I hate to say “favorite”, because frankly, my favorites are so many, that I really can’t pick just one . . . chuckle!

I have a serious obsession for so many different brands of stamps, I’m afraid . . . while in Yakima, I spied some stamps I’ve always adored, and my mother purchased them and gave them to me. I nearly danced out the door of the store to have them in my posession! Later on, I’ll have to create some ideas with those and upload . . . dang, just the thought of it makes me giddy!

The best laid plans . . .

Well, today I had planned to stamp like a maniac–let the ink fly! Yup. I did indeed. Evidently, however, my daughter did not know of these plans . . . At 4 a.m. she dislocated her shoulder in her sleep and by 4:30 a.m., when despite our best and unsuccessful efforts to help her get it slid back in, we were over at the ER for the wee morning hours.

This is not the first time this has happened; she initially did this several years ago, hyper-extending her arm in a rebound for the basketball. The scream that pierced the gym nearly caused me to faint. You know the feeling: your heart is literally in your throat and you are helpless as your child is enduring the worst pain imaginable . . .

With rest and, later, a lot of physical therapy, she recovered and went on to play but it took weeks and weeks. Yes, we’ve been to an orthopaedic surgeon. His feeling was that surgery should be a last resort, and with proper care and PT, attention to exercise, etc. she could continue to play with relatively few problems. She tweaked it again one volleyball season her freshman year, and again, we returned to PT, etc.

Well, this year, she made it through volleyball the entire season, and basketball, including the State Tournament this past weekend* . . . but early this a.m. I awoke to a panicked pounding on the wall. That heart in the throat feeling once again!

Man, she is tough. The toughest kid I’ve ever known. I would have passed out, as I’m a total wuss.

She is now heavily medicated and sleeping peacefully. This time, the ER doc on duty was able to slip it back in without sedating her. He was so calm and relaxing and his sense of humor eased us both throughout it all. Back to PT once again. I’m thankful she’s not participating in any sports this Spring, all things considered . . .

So, there went my plans to stamp with all my latest new bellies and whatnot; Mommy-hood calls first and foremost!!! Still, once I got her asleep, I managed to finish this project, which I started at the Tournament, poolside while my son happily swam. . .


One of the challenges I enjoy giving myself is to take a single white card, and see what I can do with it. I suppose it doesn’t yield the most “show-stopping” of designs, but, still it intrigues me to see what comes of limiting myself to that minimalist thinking . . . I think I can say I’m happy with the results on this one.

It’s difficult to see here in the photo, but the sentiment was very lightly washed with pale pink dye ink and an AquaPainter, and the flower centers accented with Dazzling Diamond Glitter.

*Now, as for the State Tournament. The team had a really tough draw in their bracket and was very unevenly matched in the 1st game. They were crushed by 50 points. The second game was more evenly matched, but they did lose by around 20 points. While this was tough to take, we tried to remind the girls that so many teams NEVER ever make it this far, and just being inside the Sun Dome is such a major accomplishment and worth being very proud of. And, my daughter played very well. We are pretty proud of her and all her hard work.

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