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Now *THAT*'s a "J"!!!

“J” custom-carved by Janna; all other images, papers, inks, punch, metal edge tag, silver cord, eyelet by Stampin’ Up! Plaid Ribbon by May Arts.

This is the “J” that Janna made for me! It’s got SPUNK!!! I *love* this “J” and I am supremely happy today. I have been hording this ribbon so I score points for USING it! chuckle! I just went nuts over Leigh O’Brien’s work with Monograms this month, so I decided to experiment a little myself with her inspiration to guide me. I’ll admit: I do NOT have a way with mixing patterns the way she does–she is a grand master, I tell ya’. But, this does seem more “me”, so I an pleased with how it turned out.

Polka dots always make me smile . . . daisies, too . . .


I think Janna should have put a DEPENDS WARNING on a package she sent me today!!! I am SERIOUS!!!!

This package arrives, and I’m thinkin’ “What in the world?” So, I open it . . . and couldn’t–literally could NOT–believe my eyes!

She CUSTOM-CARVED a ginormous monogram “J” for me!!!!! It has CURVES!!!! It has CHARACTER and CHARM!!!!! It’s EXCITING!!!!!! I can’t wait to play with it!!!!!

This is one of the coolest things anyone has ever given me!!!!

I just can’t get over it. I had been whining over the “J” in the SU! Monogram alphabet and how it was just so boring. I was jealous over the other letters–in all their glory, with sharp angles, and curves . . .

This thing just ROCKS!!! I’m gonna have so much FUN with it!

Could I *use* any more exclamations today???!!!!! I have such a stamp-happy grin on my face my cheeks hurt!

Dirty Dozen . . .

Link: About Splitcoaststampers.

So, the curtain went up and I still had 2 more creations to finish. I was up until 2:30am working on them after several failed attempts to get ‘em how I wanted ‘em the first go around. Overall: I was VERY happy with what I did. Just wish I had had the time to do MORE of it.

The “Girls just wanna have fun!” theme was one I *really* could have run with . . . Mental note: I have GOT to figure out a way to get a jump-start on those designs and still fulfill other obligations. I am BAD at time management.

Unfortunately, as it was, I was having a “terrible horrible no good very bad day” (my kids loved that book) . . . which had started the day before! chuckle! I’m so lucky to have friends like Ellen, and friends I’ve never even met in real life, through www.splitcoaststampers.com . Their kind words really helped me pull myself up, after having had the wind knocked outta’ me . . .

Another good thing, besides having good friends to bolster me, I received a phone call from my daughter after her game. THEY WON!!!! ON TO STATE!!!! Woo HOOOOOOO!!!! I couldn’t be there; it was too far to take my 9 yr. old on a school night . . . but, boy are we excited in this household!!!

So, what do I need to do this week? Well, my HOUSE is in dire need of attention, having been neglected too long. I suspect the dust bunnies are pro-creating under the china hutch. SERIOUS!!!! I haven’t cooked a real “meal” since Sunday night.

And, I am soooooo behind on stamping thank-you’s for my Dirty Girls (the designers). I want to make something for the joy of making it, and send it to them. But, it’s been 3 months–I am THAT far behind. So, I need to develop something FUN–3 fun card designs. I want to play with my latest new stamps and some of the wonderful little embellishments some SCSers have snailed me–just so thoughtful and SWEET. Target $ Spot treasures that I never seem to be able to find and other things I dig.

I need to slap a Post It Note right above my work surface: USE STUFF. NO HORDING. chortle!

So, while I’m rustling up something to serve the starving masses, I’ll put on my imagination cap and see what comes; tomorrow should be a good stampin’ day! Yea!

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