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Thought for today . . .

Mistakes in knitting are not as easily remedied as they are in stamping. Or, perhaps I do not *know* enough to easily fix my mistakes without having to unravel the entire scarf and start all over . . . while I intend to persevere (with the knitting, that is), it does increase my appreciation for the relative ease of stamping and paper crafting . . . I can fix those mistakes so easily and quickly! LOL!

A gift for Teresa


I made these for my friend Teresa. She’s an Interior Designer/Decorator. She has done such a great job growing her business here on the island in just a year’s time! Anyway, I thought these would be a nice gift she could actually use to thank her clients.

Travel & stamping . . .

I considered bringing a few stamps, ink and paper with me to the hotel for these last 2 days, but gave up on the idea . . . somehow, I just don’t work well outside my studio without access to *all* my tools, images, etc. If I’d had the forethought to pre-plan a specific project, then I might have pulled it off . . . as it is, if I can’t be productively stamping while the kids are swimming, at least I can play on the web, thanks to wi-fi! LOL!

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