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She did it!



My baby sister graduated from nursing school earlier this week!  I’m so proud of her I could just bust!!!

But, that would not be very comely, now would it?! BAH HAHAHA!!! ……eww.

So, instead, I made a card to celebrate her achievement.



I was late to the par-taaaay with hexagons, and I guess I am with the whole triangle thing, too.  Due, I’m sure, to being somewhat of a stubborn poop… I will admit, if everybody‘s goin’ this-a-ways, I tend to run that-a-ways… Like I said… stubborn. (Of course, there’s always the exceptions…washi tape, Mister Huey’s, sequins, Delicata Golden Glitz Ink… *sigh*) Sometimes I will warm up to a trend after it has become “so yesterday” (followed by a hair flip)… *chuckle*

OK, so I’ll say it: I am beginning to grow *quite* fond of geometric shapes (Are they still considered trendy? asked the stubborn poop)–so beautifully gender-less, UKWIM? Don’t get me wrong, I love my birds. And flowers. And hearts. Always will. But, this is fun–I don’t normally play with this kinda stuff. And… I really, really like it! Muchly!!!

Aaaah, well. What’s most important, trendy or not, is that you like what you’re working with. And that you like what you made, while working with it, eh?!

The cool thing is, these triangles are just a small portion of an alphabet set! When I first got the set, it was the font that I was excited about–at the time, I didn’t even care about the bonus of the geo shapes.  A lovely, modern-looking font with clean, crisp lines that made my ever-lovin’ minimalist heart go pit-pat…




5MQ: Hello…x3…




> insert monkey clapping here <

I have to admit, the cards that are always the most rewarding for me (creatively speaking) are the ones that are the least labor and time intensive. And have glorious expanses of white space.  I cannot begin to describe how supremely GIDDY they make me!!! 

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

–Leonardo Da Vinci

And, that's pretty much all I got to say about that.


Note: scraps of colored 100# Bazzill Card Shoppe from my scrap bin were used to die cut "hello"

So, the kid turns 17 today…

(click on the pic to enbiggan)

Hopefully, the kid won't consider the card too "sappy"…

I loved the layout Debby used on these two cards; she went vertical and I took it horizontal. Love when a layout works so well in either format… I'm sure I'll be using this one to death! *chinkle*

ETA:  AAAAND, if you liked the above card, be sure to read this month's In Touch Newsletter… Just sayin'… *wink* *wink*


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