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Cool Tools

Not sure what's on your wish list for the holidays, but thought today I'd share some of my favorites:




When the Coluzzle was retired *sob* by Provo Craft, I had to find a new circle cutting system. This one is BOMB! Cuts circles in 1/16" increments all the way up to 6".  I use it with a glass mat that I've sprayed with removable adhesive so that my paper sticks down completely all the way around and doesn't shift.  The handle fits comfortably in my hand and rotates so I'm not having to twist my wrist.  Extra blades self-store in the handle itself and the blade retracts when not in use–nice safety feature!




You can use it with a hammer, which I personally prefer (sometimes, it just feels good to pound on things, UKWIM? LOL!), or with the Making Memories Instant Setter Set.  The tips are magnetic and fit into the metal handle and the beauty of this tool is that it can reach *anywhere* on the paper/page, and has several different slot widths.  LOVE and use all the time!


Hands down, best stamp positioning tool I've ever used in all my near 20 years of stamping.  Tried (and spent a lot of money on, I might add) a lot of others, and none have ever beat this one.  Good for lefties or righties, thin imaging plate so there's no image distortion that occurs with those thicker acrylic plates some positioners have, and a non-skid surface along the bottom. And under $10?! Criminy, it's practically free!!!  Sure wish it had been the first one I found…cuz it woulda' been the only one I ever bought.
I have the original version of the Cutter Bees that EK Success produces and I love them.  But, these are on my wish list, because of their non-stick feature! My Cutter Bees are most excellent detail scissors and work well for someone like me who has tendinitis and can't handle bigger handles, or spring-action type cutters. I'm always cutting into sticky stuff, tho, so it would be nice to have a pair that doesn't get all gummed up. Hey, Santa!!! Are you payin' attention to this?! *wink*
Nicely sturdy, it features a row of piercing holes the entire length of one side, which also features a tapered edge, and metal along the entire length of the other side–you get the best of both worlds:  a handy metal edge for Xacto knife work, and it's clear so you can see what you're doing! Measurements are in useful 1/8" increments and marked in a grid fashion.  Nice!  I like to use it with Ornare Piercing Pad, which is nice and long (some piercing mats are small and you have to move the paper to finish your row of piercing.  Annoying. LOL!)
I got one of these when they were released back in 2006, and did a comparison review, that (to my astonishment) I still receive emails about, and folks asking which one they should get. "Well, I don't know Margot!!!" (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation)  While I still have the original model (teal colored) I bought and the thing is a work-horse and still going strong as the day I got it, I finally got the new black & pink one this last spring. It's cuter. *wink*
Seriously, tho, if you're looking to die cut through materials like thin crafting metal, chipboard, felt, fabric, fun foam, acetate, polyshrink, etc., in addition to card stock, it's a most excellent machine!  Extremely sturdy, and with a 6" feed, it's pretty much cross compatible with all the dies on the market and the Multi-Purpose Platform that comes with it makes sandwiches a breeze, taking the guess work out of shimming and whatnot. I love the thing to death and use it almost every creative session. It's currently on sale at Ellen Hutson LLC, so if you haven't gotten one yet, it's a sweet deal! (HellooOOoo!!! What are you still standing here for??!!!)
BTW, another cool thing? You can keep on die cutting when the power's out. 

Big Rubbah . . . :)


*click on the pic to en-biggan*

I have been sick this week with a chest cold (crud!) , but I squeaked out this fun thing last weekend.

Lately I have been really drawn to BIG rubbah stamps.  These are two separate stamp sets that can be used together or independently of each other:  Dwelling Foam Stamps & Dwelling Clear Stamps by Claudine Hellmuth.

I've had my eye on them for a LOOOONG time, but only recently decided to bite the bullet and give 'em a whirl.

Conclusion?  I LIKEY!!!

The foam stamps are nicely dense and ink up exceedingly well with the Adirondack dye ink–I actually stamped it off once onto scratch paper first, before stamping it onto my project because it was pretty intense otherwise and I wanted a softer look.  After stamping the foam images I stamped the outlines with black ink–I really like how they are intentionally off-register and not designed to overlay exactly or perfectly–an easy and *uber* cool retro look! *LOVE*

The foam stamps cleaned up pretty well by just holding them under the tap, and rubbing my fingers over the surface to rinse off the dye ink and then patting them dry with a cloth.


Love those little black alpha stickers and they look cute with the houses!  I coated them with Glossy Accents to resemble little tiles–hard to see on camera, but IRL it's a fun, shiny effect.

Have a wondermous Wednesday!


Supplies & Materials:


Using Up Leftover (paper craft) Supplies . . .


I know. You think it's all part of my grand master plan to take over the world.

But, in all honesty, there's a reason why I always say "buy 2 packages" . . .

Enjoy here or on YouTube!



Supplies & Materials: (Black button was from my stash)


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