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It started with wanting to make a confetti flinger card with tissue paper confetti.  But, I only had white tissue paper laying around.  Nobody loves white/white space more than I do, but frankly, for anything but weddings, white confetti is kinda… well… BORING.  And, because I use SO much white space in my card designs, I wanted the punch of color to come from the confetti itself.

Necessity being the motherhood of invention, a ridiculous idea started to form in my head… And the idea quickly became an obsession…

So, I ran with it, and by golly, made a “talkie”, too.  If you watch all the way to the end, you’ll see why there was a lotta off-camera monkey clappin’… *grin*



In addition to the supplies listed at the bottom of the post, you’ll also need:

  • Butcher paper–the kind with the wax coating on one side (which I like, because not only does it protect my work surface, when I’m done applying all the color, I can easily take the project over to another table to leave it flat and allow it to air-dry a bit while I start on another sheet)
  • Rubber gloves are optional, but if you’re anything like me and the thought of getting your fingers all stained makes you shudder involuntarily… need I say any more???

When the colored tissue paper has dried enough that I know it won’t drip, I usually peel it off the butcher paper (which is then tossed) and move it to a spot where I can drape or hang it;  this speeds up the air-drying process.  Yes, you can always take a heat gun to it (at a safe distance, of course), but I preferred to keep making more rainbow tissue paper while I was waiting for it to dry; I felt more efficient and productive. LOL!


  • Make sure the tissue paper is completely dry before you begin folding and die cutting; when paper is wet or damp , it doesn’t die cut well.
  • Initially, I folded my tissue paper to 8 layers of thickness (why cut one, if you can cut 8 at a time, right?); after die cutting the first sheet that way, I felt folding to 4 layers thick was possibly faster  (This is not a rule, and no, I did not time myself either way–who does that???–I was watching a movie, enjoying a glass of wine and not under a deadline.  It just “seemed” faster at the time–see the next tip)
  • After exhausting numerous methods of ejecting the tissue confetti shapes out of the die, of ALL the many tools I have at my disposal, I discovered the Tombow Zero Eraser worked the best!  Here’s why:

The tissue paper shapes became compacted during the die cutting process; if I tapped the die hard against bin, used a pokey tool, or the Sizzix Die Brush (which works great for ejecting card stock) the shapes would indeed fall out, but the layers of tissue paper wouldn’t separate (resulting in less than delightfully “fluffy” tissue paper confetti, albeit the prettiest confetti I’ve ever seen on the planet and that’s the truth!).

I needed something with just the slightest bit of tack or friction that I could swipe across the shape that would separate the layers.  Yes, I did try the Jewel Picker first; unfortunately, I discovered that unless you are careful and delicate, if the tip of the Jewel Picker scrapes across the die blades, it wears off the tacky coating that makes it so perfect for picking up sequins and then renders it useless for sequin pickin’. Don’t do it.

If you know a better and faster method for separating those little tissue paper shapes, by all means, I’m open. At this point, I’m wondering if just folding it two layers thick will still cut cleanly, but allow the little guys to just flutter themselves out with a tap against the bin… Definitely gonna try this on the next go.  And there will definitely be more go’s; I am addicted to making this stuff.  It’s a sickness, I tell ya’…

rainbow tissue confetti bright

Above is the watercolor-over-wet-tissue paper method.  Yes.  I wanna roll around in it. *cheeky grin*


rainbow tissue confetti shimmer

This is the Heidi Swapp Color Shine-spritzed-over-dry-tissue paper method.  The shimmer makes the colors themselves less vibrantly saturated, but it is every bit as gorgeous as the non-shimmery version.  I wish I could have picked up the in-real-life shimmer on camera.


Yes.  It takes a little more time than just rolling out some confetti from regular card stock.  But, did you watch all the way to the end of the video?




*fist pump*





knockout watercolor holiday tags-001

Truth:  Mass producing *anything* can be tedious and often times, dare I say it, boring. GAAAAH!!!  I’ll admit that I designed the Concertina Tags Die with that in mind.  I’m a busy gal. How ’bout you?

I did a process video to show you how I busted these babies out, using the aforementioned die and some watercolors. ENJOY!!!

knockout watercolor tags-002


Hope you’re enjoying some crafty time for the holidays!




WF Rainbow hugs-001-jebersole

Guesting for Waffle Flower Stamps today–hope you enjoy the project!

WF Rainbow hugs-001B-jaebersole


I just love Helen Dardik‘s illustrations–SO FUN!!!

Thanks for stopping by! :)



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