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Is it Monday already?

How did that happen so quickly? Summer is going by in a blur, I tell ya’!

This week’s Hello, Monday features a watercolor method–I’m no artist, but I had fun with it!



LINK: Hello, Monday 07.08.2013 – the CLASSroom

I actually didn’t use any washi tape on this card… Alright, already!!! Pick yer jaw up from the floor, please. :p

So, I don’t do paint. Normally. Paint is messy, and we all know how it skeeves me out to get my hands covered in paint. *involuntary shudder*

But, the new Distress Paints are so fascinating–just such a different beastie! Fun and with some very unique properties!

I was NOT going to collect them.

Was just going to get “a few”.






Ummmmmm, no. Epic fail.

Altho, I do need to have a word with the folks at Ranger… it appears they over-sighted Faded Jeans in this line-up. I KNOW, RIGHT??!!!  What is up with that???!!!

Anyhoo, enjoy the video and have fun exploring these new paints! ;)


Hello, Monday is now appearing in the CLASSroom



Link:  The CLASSroom: Hello, Monday 07.01.2013

This design didn’t go entirely in the direction I had originally planned… Stayed true to the initial concept, and then kinda took a left-turn-Clyde with the color combo. Whaaaat??!!! *chortle*

Aaah, well.  Sometimes that happens. I still think it’s a cool lookin’ thing, by golly! ;)

I envision having plenty more fun with this Modern Leaf set–so MOD! LOVE!!! The Artisan Papers are pretty slick, too–they even look good plain, without any color added at all!

Happy Mundane!


One Layer Kraft Card: Thank you ever so much!



Normally, I prefer to stamp on kraft card stock with pigment or chalk inks; dye inks tend to “sink” into kraft paper and lose their vibrancy… become dark… dull…

Dark? Dull? Ack. No likey. (hair flip)

So, out of curiosity, I tried stamping with white ink first, then over-stamped with water-based dye inks. Just to see if that would give the dye inks more “oomph”.

Hey, Mikey! I likey!

I don’t know if the single images in this sweet floral set, Water Blooms by Mama Elephant, are supposed to be identical to their counterparts in the grouped images, but IMHO, they don’t necessarily have to be, nor do they have to be stamped “perfectly” over top, in order to pull off this effect.

Have a great weekend! :)





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