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The Ranchhand is a small family company that has been in business since 2000. We specialize in handtooled western leather designs and custom made leather goods.

I do all the cutting, carving, stamping, dyeing and assembly. Sherry, my wife, helps with the lacing, the computer work (she's a faster typist) and arranges the booth at shows.

All carving leather starts out as a side of leather. We do not use kits nor do we use a machine for sewing. All the sewing that I do is saddle stitched, not lock stitched.

We use the best materials we can find - Italian locks and strap hangers for purses.

Our leather is from the Hermann Oak Tannery in St. Louis. It is the finest vegetable tanned leather in the U.S.A. Out lacing and most of our wallet interiors are made in California by a company that has been in business for over 100 years.

The horseshoes we use as frames are either Baker keg shoes from England or handmade draft horse shoes from Anvil Forge in Lexington, IL.

Our on-line catalog includes handtooled wallets, handtooled leather checkbook covers, purses, leather organizers, 3-ring Binders/photo albums, Portfolios/Padfolios, western wall clocks, custom made leather buckles, and handcarved leather art work.

We also take custom orders.

About Me
I worked as a ranchhand for 22 years in Wyoming and Colorado. I started working on leather as a hobby 20 years ago. The winter nights are long and cold and even today, in some places, there is no TV reception without a dish.

I have been doing custom work and selling handmade leather goods at juried craft fairs across the country since 2000. We make a high quality product. It isn't cheap. It will give you years of use.

Our craftsmanship is guaranteed. No two items will be exactly alike as they are handmade one at a time. Wrinkles, scars or other variations are a part of natural leather. They do not affect the strength or quality of the leather. Many say that they add character to the piece.

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